Daylight Savings Time 2011, iOS 5 alarm problems

It is that time of year again; there are fears that “Daylight Savings Time 2011” could cause a few iOS 5 alarm problems. The two dates to keep noted are October 30, 2011 and November 6th.

The two dates given above coincides with Daylight Savings ends in the UK and US respectively for another year, we have reported on three separate occasions about iPhone alarm problems, read each (Article 1, 2 and 3)

Product-Reviews hits on a few interesting things, iPhone’s that were running iOS 4.2 had problems with alarm clocks, hopefully this does not happen within iOS 5.

If we set our minds back last year, thousands of iPhone users woke up late because their alarms did not sound off; his was down to the alarm going off one-hour later than set. The new iOS 5 is a much better platform it seems to be solid now, so the question we need answering is “Has Apple sorted out the yearly Daylight Savings Time 2011 alarm problem?”

Other Apple Problems: iPhone 4S has a very bad battery life, and is having issues with over-heating, please read our full article on this here.

There are a couple more weeks to go for DST; hopefully iOS 5 users will not suffer the alarm problem. We will keep you posted on this, keep coming back to us for updates.


17 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Time 2011, iOS 5 alarm problems”

  1. Guest says:

    My alarm went off one hour too late. Alarm was set to 8:30 (no repeat). Time was adjusted manually in the evening, auto set of time was off. The alarm went off at 9:30. Don’t understand how this is possible…

  2. Guest_2 says:

    My iPhone (3G) refuses to change from BST to GMT automatically – I am having to set it manually.  I have tried turning it on and off and taking the sim out but it is continually an hour forward.  I suspect that on November 6 when American daylight savings ends my phone will change to GMT but I have to say this is a ridiculous glitch for apple to not have fixed yet.

  3. Helicawday says:

    My phone did this yesterday morning October 30th 2011 & I was late for work. I wasn’t happy at all & now I’ll never trust the time on my phone. Guess I need to start wearing a watch.

  4. A B says:

    my iphone (on orange) still shows BST when set to automatically set time and date. Have to manually set it if I want to see GMT (which it has been since 2am yesterday) Last Apple product I buy ever.

  5. Kevin_j_spencer says:

    iphone 4s daylight savings time didn’t work properly today in newfoundland canada. The time advanced by 1/2 hr instead of back an hour. I was up at 3:30am getting ready for work, thinking it was 5am which is what my phone alarm was showing

  6. Manjit says:

    My new IPhone 4s is still showing old time, although it is set to automatically change time & date. Further, it has put off all calender events by one hour.

  7. RolfB says:

    My 3Gs (running iOS5) switched – my 4S did not.  It switched to Denver as the Time Zone while it should be in San Jose.  Confirmed with a Friend’s 4s. Seems like a BUG again… 

    1. Radish says:

      Same EXACT thing happened to me just now with my boyfriends 3GS and my 4S. I was able to fix my 4S by clearing and deleting all the alarms out, going in an turning off automatics timezone and changing to my local time. I then turned automatic time zone back on and it defaulted back to Denver but its ok. Then do a soft reset of the phone by holding down the power button and home button until you see the apple sign. It will restart quickly but it will take more time than usually to ring service. It was say “searching”. It kind of scared me but one it found service the time was correct for DST

  8. Hellobirdybird says:

    My iPhone 4s turned back the clock 2 hours. Did Verizon and Apple each send the phone a prompt to turn back the clock an hour? Would seem 2 hours back would be a difficult mistake to make without an assist. I am sure Apple will be forthcoming as usuall, I hear they are asking then Net-flubs CEO to help them w customer communications

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