iPhone 4S Hong Kong & SK release plus thirteen more

The Apple iPhone 4S smartphone was released to the public in America and Europe on October 14th, and additional countries were seeing releases after this date. On the first day of release it was pushed out to seven countries with another 22 after the first week, well the latest news say’s that Honk Kong, South Korea and another thirteen countries will see the iPhone 4S on Friday, November 4th.

Four million iPhone 4S units were sold in its first weekend of launch, the iPhone 4 only sold 1.4 million units during its launch weekend.

On Friday November 4th countries such as Hong Kong, South Korea, Albania, Poland, Greece, Armenia, Bulgaria, El Salvador, Guatemala, Malta, Montenegro, New Zealand, Romania, Panama and Portugal will be able to purchase the new Apple iPhone 4S smartphone.

Just so you know, pre-orders will NOT be available for Albania, El Salvador, Guatemala, Malta, Montenegro and Panama according to 9to5Mac.

By the end of the year Apple is expected to have the iPhone 4S in 70 countries and on a hundred carriers. Please do let us know when you have your iPhone 4S.


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