Nokia N9 Sports Tracker App, Windows Phone this month

The new app called Sports Tracker is already available on the Nokia N9 smartphone, it will also be releasing onto new Windows Phone OS devices this month of November. Many customers have this sports app on their Nokia N9 handset, so to see it coming thins month on WP7 devices is a great smile on the face.

The Windows Phone version of Sports Tracker is very much the same as Android, iPhone and Symbian. The app is beautiful and comes with many features, the tracking ability is brilliant, its tracks your distance, duration, average speed and pace, speed, max speed and energy spent.

It comes with a training diary for complete workout data analysis, as well as a diary-sync to sports-tracker.com service; you can even share data on Twitter, Facebook etc.

This application that is already on the Nokia N9 features support for the new Sports Tracker Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor, for more information please visit the Nokia Store

There is no exact date of when the Sports Tracker app will be released onto Windows Phone, but we know it is November.

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