You got Samsung Galaxy S Ice Cream Sandwich port yet?

The Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system has now been ported to Samsung Galaxy S, more and more devices are seeing this happen now. Ports of ICS OS since the SDK release are becoming more successful, the Nexus S and even the Nexus One has seen the unofficial ICS ports.

Many Samsung Galaxy S owners will be on the happy boat now because developers’ lttldvl and galnet have successfully ported Android Ice Cream Sandwich to this smartphone.

This is good news because more and more Android devices should start seeing ICS ported to devices, there are a few other ROMs in the works, we will be revealing more news about this and alphas soon enough. Google has not released the ICS source code just yet, which means more work towards stable ROMs will be delayed.

We do not know much about the Samsung Galaxy S Ice Cream Sandwich port, so we are asking if anyone is running Ice Cream Sandwich operating system yet. Please do let us know in the commenting area, thanks.

For more information please visit RootzWiKi, they also have some cool screenshots for your perusal.


One thought on “You got Samsung Galaxy S Ice Cream Sandwich port yet?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m running it.  It works well, and much smoother and more responsive than 2.3 based ROMs.

    At the moment a load of fixes have to be installed separately and the install process isn’t 100% smooth.

    Aside from not being 100% stable and working yet, one notable missing feature is the camera(s) as of alpha6.

    I’d guess it won’t be long before it’s all sorted.

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