HTC snatch smartphone lead in US, Apple Samsung and BlackBerry fall

As you my probably be aware recently old Samsung overtook Apple to become the biggest global smartphone vendor, and it appears that Apple is even failing to be number one on their home ground, as word is HTC has now snatched the lead in smartphone market share in the good old US of A.

According to the guys over at Slash Gear, Business Week is reporting that whilst HTC has now managed to become the number one smartphone brand in the United States, rivals Apple, Samsung and BlackBerry have declined.

The report states that capitalising on the popularity of the Android Platform, along with a “lull in demand” for the iPhone has enabled HTC to overtake Apple, Samsung and Research In Motion.

According to the figures, a 10 percentage point rise in share from the year previous has given HTC 24 percent of smartphone market share in Q3 with Sammy pulling in 21 percent while Apple declined to 20 percent and RIM only managing just 9 percent.

RBS Asia Ltd, analyst Wang Wanii rates HTC stock as “Buy” and said, “Because iPhone 4S wasn’t yet ready during the quarter, there was a window of opportunity for others, and HTC benefited from this. HTC has historically done more customization of handsets, which has made operators more willing to market and sell their devices.”

According to Wanii, HTC offers high-end smartphones for less that rival Samsung whilst Samsung offers more low-end handsets overall.

However this is of course Q3 but when it comes to Q4 things may rapidly change now that the iPhone 4S is available, but for now at least the Android faithful especially HTC device owners have something to gloat about to their iOS friends.

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2 thoughts on “HTC snatch smartphone lead in US, Apple Samsung and BlackBerry fall”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just to add a point, when it comes to market share, most Apple people like to say “it’s one iphone vs many”. I’d like to point out that they actually count ALL iPhones. Not just the latest model. So it’s not just one iPhone that is losing vs a plethora of HTC phones. it’s the iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, and god knows they count all the other older models still being used (I won’t mention the 4S because in these numbers, it’s not yet counted).

    Granted there are still more HTC phones than iPhones. But that’s not the point I’m driving at. What I’m saying is the thinking that more there’s just “one” iPhone is wrong.

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