iOS 5 secret Android style auto correct keyboard bar discovered

As I’m sure most of the Android faithful are aware, Apple isn’t against ripping off Android stuff for their iOS platform, and it appears iOS 5 has now revealed an auto correct keyboard bar that resembles the one found on some Android smartphones, which probably wont surprise any of the Android faithful out there.

According to the guys over at Phone Arena, by way of Sonny Dickson, the secret auto correct keyboard does what its supposed to do of course and that is auto correct word typed on the iPhone virtual keyboard.

Apparently the secret auto correct bar doesn’t come on factory fresh iPhone or Apple iPad units, and thus may not be perfect just yet, but if any of the iOS faithful wish to check it out you can do so without the need to jailbreak your device, so here’s how…

Download iBackupBot, then backup your device via iTunes, open iBackupBot and locate the backup and load it, once done locate Library/Preferences/com.apple.keyboard.plist then open the file. Press cancel if your software is not registered and it will open. Next add — KeyboardAutocorrentionListsYES, and then restore the backup using iBackupBot and you are done.

Obviously not a feature to jump up and down about but it’s nice to find these secret feature buried inside Apple’s operating system now and then. Have to say as I’m not one of the iOS faithful I can’t give it a go myself, so if you do feel free to let us know how you get on by dropping us a comment below.

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