Nokia GEM concept phone has all round touch screen: video

So what is the future of smartphones? We’ve already seen the flexible touch screen, which is due from Samsung, possible in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Skin at some point next year, and then there’s the Nokia Kinetic concept phone we’ve previously reported about, but it appears Nokia has another concept phone up their sleeve called the Nokia GEM, and we have a little video of that concept for your viewing pleasure below.

The Nokia GEM concept phone video demo comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Slash Gear and by way of Nokia Conversations, and takes a rather different approach to the future of smartphones in a much as rather than just a flexible screen the Nokia GEM has a touch screen on very surface.

Apparently the Nokia GEM adapts to your most common tasks, and as such if you are a constant gamer the concept device defaults its appearance to resemble a gamepad.

Furthermore there is a possibility of “resizable” QWERTY and numeric keypad than can be pushed around the rear of the device whilst the user checks out details on the front, and apparently the flared appearance of the upper portion is an app carousel that is shuffled with the thumb and dragged down to the main display.

Obviously as the Nokia GEM is a concept phone its not likely we’ll be seeing such a smartphone come out of Nokia for some considerable time, but one does have to say the Nokia GEM does look one attractive device and if Nokia could pull it off the GEM could push them right up to the top of the game ahead of both Apple and Android, wouldn’t you agree?

Anyway I’ll leave it right there so you can head on down and hit that play button to check out the Nokia GEM concept phone in action…enjoy, and feel free to express your opinions of the GEM to our comments area below.

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