Android Ice Cream Sandwich review: ranks of mobile OS

Originally unveiled back in May, Google’s new Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS is now here, well on the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus that is! Here at Phones Review, we’ve given you some reasons as to why the new OS is a good thing and what benefits you the user will receive from having it.

Brad Molen over at Engadget has taken this a little further, with not only giving a break down of what the new 4.0 OS will feature but also information complimenting it. For example, Molen has spoken about skins and stock ICS, booting up and setup, core apps, lock screen, keyboard and text input, android beam and so on.

Just picking out two of the twelve items that Molen has listed, we wanted to give you a brief synopsis of lock screen and text input just to give you an idea. First up lock screen is now an integral part of the new Android user interface. Met with the date and time, you will see ICS new signature font with a simple lock icon positioned near to the bottom, with the ability to slide the lock to the left or right. Sliding your finger down from the top will allow the notification menu to pop out, giving you accessibility to checking of emails, voicemails, messages and so on.

Second is that of the new keyboard and text input. Although its noted that in appearance it’s the same, there has been the inclusion of ICS adding spell-check, an improved autocorrect making typing faster. Other benefits include the ability to set the voice recognition to type for you, with punctuation and so on. Check out the full review by heading to Engadget.

What are your thoughts on the new Ice Cream Sandwich?

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