London Olympics 2012 will see Google Wallet trial

You probably know that the capital of the United Kingdom will be somewhat busier than usual next year when the London Olympics 2012 kicks off and as such London will no doubt be quite a choice place for the chance pickpocket so you might not want to carry a lot of money, and to alleviate that problem it appears Google Wallet is stepping up to the game.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo, French newspaper, Les Echoes is reporting that the Google guys are planning on testing the NFC mobile payment Google Wallet during the London Olympics 2012.

Apparently a trial of Google Wallet will run during the games although apparently the Olympic committee and the Google guys haven’t confirmed the rumoured trial.

Having said that, whether the London Olympics 2012 is the ideal event to trial the Google Wallet service remains to be seen especially as we previously reported that the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has said that due to the volume of people extended to attend the Olympics, various Olympic event might experience a mobile phone blackout, although they are looking at installing most masts to alleviate the problem so it may not be an issue at all.

Although I’m not too sure just how many smartphones out there that will have Google Wallet installed will be at the London 2012 Olympics anyway, so we’ll have to see just how the Google Wallet trial pans out if of course the rumour is true.

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