Nokia N9 in white clobber, price and where

For those that prefer their smartphone to sport white clobber rather than the usual boring drab black jacket, and if you are one of the Nokia faithful out there, you just might like to know that you can now pick up the Nokia N9 with a nice new shiny white coat as Nokia has made the white Nokia N9 available.

According to an article over on Nokia Conversations the white Nokia N9 commands a price tag of 560 Euros before taxes and subsidies and is available to purchase from Nokia stores and online, and comes with 64GB of memory.

The white Nokia N9 features a high gloss finish created via a special process that makes the colour “shine” and is a great addition to the Nokia N9 range of colours that include black, magenta, cyan and now white.

Spec wise the MeeGo packing Nokia N9 offers a 3.9-inch capacitive AMOLED Gorilla glass touch screen, 8 megapixel auto-focus rear camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual LED flash and 720p video, front facing camera, 1GHz Cortex-A8 processor, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, 16GB or 64GB internal storage, and 3.5mm jack.

Further to making the Nokia N9 in white available, Nokia announced that there is a software update available, version 1.1.1 that offers Arabic support, and is ready to ship to the Middle East, and North Africa, and will be available to all existing users in the area.

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One thought on “Nokia N9 in white clobber, price and where”

  1. Elop is on the mission to rescue Microsoft, with no mercy to what happens to Nokia other then making WP phones.

    Elop declared multiple times that Samsung and HTC are not anymore competitors to Nokia when they build WP phones, which is what MS would say but not a CEO of Nokia.

    Elop gave the “burning memo” to his employees, telling them everything Nokia had was not good, instead of inspiring them like a true lider would do, and he did that before he had the night before Feb 11 the board agreement on MS deal. So Elop did that “burning platforms memo and jumping in icy waters” in order to make the board to be with him, by bluntly lie to the board and force them into the deal with MS.

    No investor trusted that Elop-MS strategy, the stock fell immediately after the announcement. 

    The American press dominates the media and they want American stories or American products, this is why they don’t go into the truth here, because Microsoft is the biggest American software corporation. They wait and see if the strategy has any chance. When they will see the WP strategy cannot work in place of Meego/Qt/Belle they might say the truth, at last.

    The Americans didn’t want an European company to be as successful in hardware as in software and to be an alternative for MS development tools and OS.

    The US media was very aggressive with Nokia since the iPhone appeared and when Android appeared that doubled. And there is no other pole, no other independent media in the World with the same power as American media.

    Nokia made the mistake and became a simple OEM from a powerful software developer because he bought Symbian OS, Qt with full development teams and improved on that, and had also s40 and Maemo. 

    Nokia was cornered by American media and had nothing to show in 2-3 years of development, only in 2011 Nokia could show Meego with N9 and Symbian-Belle which is very close to Android and iOS. But these were killed by Elop, Elop killed Nokia children.

    Now Nokia has lost the market, because WP7 is too late to the party and looks like a copy and me too.
    It is the same like Coca Cola would say we abandon Coca brand and we will only produce Red Bull from now on, and we will use our capacity to produce Red Bull (they will embrace an incumbent to the market product and retire the more established one).

    The last resort here is Finnish government to nationalize Nokia, dismiss Elop, and put a real CEO there, then sell Nokia to Finnish investors after 1-2 years of rebuilding it. Or European Commission to not let MS buy Nokia. 

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