Walmart reveals AT&T Fusion U8652 Prepaid GoPhone

The mobile phone market is continually expanding and our job here at Phones Review is to give you the latest up to date information. Of course there are always going to be the big players such as Samsung, Apple, Motorola, BlackBerry, HTC and even LG, but sometimes the smaller names deserve a mention.

One such phone to come out of US carrier AT&T is that of the Fusion U8652 initially called the Huawei Jengu U8652, which sometime ago was spotted on an AT&T roadmap.

Although the details are somewhat sparse, we can tell you that the new Fusion will be sold as a prepaid device through AT&T’s “GoPhone” service as the Huawei Fusion. According to ubergizmo, the new Huawei Fusion in specs is the same as T-Mobile’s Sonic currently being retailed. Packing a 3.5-inch HVGA display, the Fusion will include 256MB of RAM, 600MHz processor, Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS, with image taking from the 3.2MP camera.

For a price of $109 over at retailer Walmart, it’s fair to say that the phone may not perform quite as well as some of its counterparts, but the Fusion is definitely worth a consideration.

Let us know if you would be tempted by the Huawei Fusion being retailed at Walmart?


6 thoughts on “Walmart reveals AT&T Fusion U8652 Prepaid GoPhone”

  1. Fanstastic64 says:

    I bought the
    at&t fusion phone a month ago and within two weeks, just using the text and
    talk and wireless off and on, the screen freezes, the apps don’t work, it made
    NOISE in SILENT mode, I couldn’t receive picture messages at any time, it was
    unbelievably slow and only got worse, it consistently dropped my phone calls,
    there was a time I called my mother and she couldn’t hear me say anything,
    though I could still hear her and I was talking on my end, the camera
    malfunctioned and the video would quit unexpectedly, also all of my apps
    (preinstalled and the ones that came with it) would start on their own, but
    when I tried to use them, they wouldn’t work and they would shut down
    unexpectedly. Not to mention the battery life in the thing only lasted 6 hours
    at most. The speaker phone sucks and the phone constantly had ‘freak outs’
    where nothing would work and apps would pop up and cover my screen


    Now, you would think
    ‘okay so it’s a lemon, go get a new one’ so I returned it for a new at&t
    fusion, hoping that that would solve the problem.


    well, it didn’t.
    Despite my efforts to take care of it and keep it up to date and clean.


    The next fusion
    phone I traded in three weeks ago started out fantastic, actually, a lot better
    than the first one I got. Things were looking up. Until the apps stopped
    working..and I still couldn’t receive picture messages, the internet wouldn’t
    connect anywhere there was wireless and would drop out, and sometimes (and I
    don’t have a data plan, so it shouldn’t do this) the phone would suddenly start
    using data…I don’t pay for data. Also, in the ‘manage applications’ there was
    an icon for a sound recorder, as should be, but it was NOWHERE to be found in
    my phone. Among that many other apps it should have come with. Also, on BOTH
    phones, when I made a phone call the screen wouldn’t turn off so my ear would
    bump the screen and the phone would do all sorts of unexpected things. When
    looking at my gallery, sliding between pictures was so so difficult; the
    pictures would freeze then my screen would turn all black or all white and stay
    that way until I turned it off.


    Just so you know, I
    returned the phone today and bought an at&t Avail. We’ll see how this one
    goes. I wouldn’t recommend this phone.

  2. Monkeyfreak2006 says:

    I got the phone back in december and it worked great for about a month, then my apps started not to work, or popping up when they werent supposed to, itll freak out and not work for hours on end, itll end phone calls mid conversation, right now it wont even charge hardly at all. it freezes all the time, and half the time i wont recieve a phone call itll just ding when i get a vouicemail or says you have a missedcall when it never rang to begin with.  definately would not recommend this to anyone.

  3. Suttonantwon says:

    i dont want to spend all this money for this phone if it is not going to work all the time because this is going to be used 24/7 and i need to download touns of apps on this phone and i gotta know will they work???? somebody help me

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