Asus Transformer Prime, disappointed customers wait

On the 13th December, we brought you news that we hoped would make your Christmas, the official release of the new Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime with it’s date scheduled for today 19th December. Unfortunately for some of you, the news today is somewhat grim.

An issue of the WiFi on the new Asus seemed to be reported by multiple sources including ourselves, in which it became apparent that the WiFi range on the TF201 hadn’t met quality standards, leaving many wondering whether the device would actually make it this side of Christmas. Some customers who had previously ordered the new Asus device a few weeks back, have now as Engadget stated, been reported as receiving an email from Best Buy, that shipments have been “back ordered” and delayed for up to two weeks.

Best Buy retailer has also given customers the option to cancel their order if they so wish, with the advice of trying to seek out the device in-store. The situation is also bleak for Amazon customers, in which they have been told that orders of the Transformer Prime have been “inadvertently cancelled,” with the option of pre-ordering it today for the second time, along with the retailer giving a $10 gift card.

Are you one of the unlucky few to miss out on the new Asus Transformer Prime?


20 thoughts on “Asus Transformer Prime, disappointed customers wait”

  1. I waited outside of Best Buy for the store to open to pick one up, only to be told they had none, even though I had called the previous day and they verified that they would be getting them in today.

  2. Russ Buss says:

    i ordered mine with the keyboard dock from amazon the day it came up for pre order and they cancelled mine to. i dont think ill order from them again.

  3. Joe in TX says:

    I ordered mine from Best Buy and got the email this morning that it would be delayed for one or two weeks.  I cancelled the order and am now seriously thinking of waiting until the next Tegra 3 tablet comes out to make sure Asus does not get my money.  Won’t be shopping at Best Buy any time soon either.

    1. Tim F. says:

      It is not Best Buy’s fault.  If you had been following the ASUS Prime news, you would have seen this coming.  Best Buy is in no way responsible for you not getting your order.  If a supplier tells you that the merchandise will be in your warehouse on a certain date – then how can you blame the warehouse when the supplier doesn’t come through.  Amazon had the same problem as well as 6-8 other retail establishments that I have checked.  Every message board is blaming the retailer and the supplier is the one that let you down.  Having worked in retail, at Christmas time, it is attitudes like this that ruin your Christmas – not the retailer.  I ordered a Playstation3 for my son a couple of years ago and it didn’t make it by Christmas, so I gave him a picture in his card and told him it was coming.  Guess what – he understood and was thrilled that it was coming!  Every revolutionary electronic item that hits the market runs into some level of this problem and blaming a retailer is not the answer!

      1. Andy Jenkinson says:

        As I understand it, Amazon and Best Buy have sent some out. Do retailers stop taking pre-orders when their first shipment quota is reached? I doubt it, as a pre-order can be cancelled any time up to dispatch.
        Surely if more people want a product than can be made available on release date some people are not going to get it straight away. If a retailer gets a batch of 1000 but can only phisically send out 200 each day, some pre-orders are not going to be sent out until 5 days after others.

        Amazon UK’s Kindle Forum had a thread running last year for weeks of complaints of delays, Yet that didn’t stop it becoming the world’s most popular ereader. I’m sure that Asus did its damndest to get the Transformer Prime in shops by November, so they would be able to fulfil ALL pre-Christmas orders, but this is state-of-the-art technology and things can and do go wrong. I’d much rather wait for a device which is as bug-free as possible instead of being sent one with known faults. I think Asus has the right approach.   

  4. Max says:

    My CC has been charged and my order says it will ship in one to two days from Best Buy. I pre ordered once my Amazon order went south pretty early on. I have my fingers crossed.

  5. Oliavoboz says:

    Good luck getting this before xmas..  There literally isn’t ANY anywhere.  Pre-order at least gives you a chance to get one if your lucky, but I ordered on Nov 22nd, the first day out and mine still says I won’t get til after xmas.  Multiple customer support calls to no avail..

  6. Ron Clark says:

    I feel Asus wanted to scoop the other manufactures and really couldn’t deliver what they had promised from day one. But when they remained silent claiming everything was on track, I bought it. It is not a good way to treat your “new fan base”. I will probably wait and buy the unit at a brick and mortar only after I know it has ICS installed and all the bugs worked out. This has been quit disappointing to me. I really need a mobile device but I will not join this mess any longer. H e ll they are doing the same to the English right now. I don’t see this being cleaned up for months.

  7. YCerovce says:

    My Best Buy pre-order was cancelled when my credit car institution decided to not authorize the charge without informing me about it. So Best Buy automatically cancelled it without trying to work it out with me. So I guess I’ll just order from Amazon and hope I get it sometime next month.

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