Christmas iPhone 4S, customers’ choice 2011

It was never in doubt that on the run up to Christmas, mobile phones would be high on a lot of people’s wish list. Up and down the country stockings will be bulging come the festive day, with a variety of handsets. But which ones have taken top spot in the desire stakes?

Well according to a report from The Inquirer, research data from Gfk tracked sale of mobile devices over UK mobile networks for the four weeks running up to December 9th. From these findings a top 15 line up of best selling phones was recognized.

While Samsung’s Galaxy S II managed to secure second place in the final week, Apples all-conquering iPhone 4S white washed the board with top slots through all four weeks. BlackBerry slid into place with three top 10 positions during the first week of December utilizing its variety of Curve models.

The surprise came from Nokia and its Lumia, their introduction into the Microsoft Windows phone world showed disappointing results failing to make it in the top 10. This will obviously knock Nokia back after splashing a reported £20m on advertising to promote their new device. Why not give us your thoughts on Apples success, is it well deserved, or do you think that the competition will out shine it in this final Christmas week?


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  1. R. Turner says:

    Nokia appears to be on a continuing downward spiral. Their clunky old symbian phones are plummeting and now the new Windows phones are just not taking off in Europe, even after massive advertising and marketing. The lull of January onwards and the the attampt to launch in the US market does not bode well for the corporate obesity that Nokia has become. 

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