HP TouchPad refund, are you entitled?

It appears that if you happened to be amongst the lucky people that took advantage of Hp’s final offering of the HP TouchPad tablet a couple of weeks ago, the word is you just might be getting a little extra Christmas present by way of PayPal in the not too distant future as there seems to be a bit of a mix up over shipping costs.

According to the guys over at Tech Crunch, an unknown quantity of those that purchased the HP TouchPad during the last fire sale were apparently charged more than they should have been for shipping the webOS slate.

Apparently an email is being sent out to those that purchased the HP TouchPad stating that because of an error in handling and shipping fees, people were charged 10-bucks more than they should have been, and thus HP’s eBay store will credit your PayPal account with $10 for each HP TouchPad you ordered.

Furthermore as HP has heard of a few instances where their eBay store was “impacted by the overwhelming response to the HP TouchPad deal,” and HP and eBay is committed to providing the best possible shopping experience on eBay, they will also give you an extra 9-bucks credit to your PayPal account.

So there you have it, it would appear that all those that purchased the HP TouchPad during the final fire sale could look forward to receiving a $19 credit in their PayPal account. So are you one of the lucky ones who are entitled?

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