New White Epic 4G Touch destined January

With the countdown to the end of the year in full swing now, we look back at what the last twelve months have had to offer us in terms of smartphones. Choice of course comes down to personal preference, and although Apple’s iPhone 4S has been reigning over others since its official release in October, let’s not forget the Samsung Galaxy S II that sold over and above all expectation.

After the Galaxy S II launched in Europe, the US were left waiting for it to arrive, and when it finally released, the smartphone came in three variants, one for T-Mobile, AT&T and carrier Sprint and it’s the latter that we’ve got news on.

Here at Phones Review, we’ve covered many articles in relation to Sprint’s version named the Epic 4G Touch. Putting a smile on some of your faces today, we wanted to tell you that the smartphone is reported to be available in the colour white from January 8th 2012. According to Engadget, a Sprint internal memo has come to light stating that the new colour will be accessible from the date above.

The white Epic 4G Touch will offer exactly the same specs as its black neighbour, a 4.52-inch Super Amoled Plus display, 1.2GHz dual core processor, Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS, 8 MP rear camera and front facing camera, ability to run 1080p video and so on.

Are you in favour of having the white Epic 4G Touch as oppose to the standard colour?

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