Your Galaxy Nexus still experiencing 4G LTE issue?

Some of you may remember that just before Christmas we reported that a percentage of users to the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus running on Verizon’s network, were experiencing problems with their smartphone gaining 4G LTE connection, as well as reports of a lack of 3G signal. Unfortunately as we’ve entered into 2012, the story for some remains the same.

Instead of bringing you some good news today, reports over at Droid-Life have pointed to the problem being more widespread than first thought, with a fix from Verizon still hanging in the balance.

On the 20th December when we spoke about the initial problems being experienced by some of you, the big red carrier Verizon were completely aware of the subsequent problem(s) with a statement on social networking site Twitter, saying that an software update or fix was being developed. According to Droid-Life, as well as lack of 4G LTE connection, some are complaining about the sheer lack of 3G signal.

Perhaps before you go, check out some of our other Galaxy Nexus articles in which we’ve spoken about a 32GB variant coming to UK and European shores in the not so distant future, or take a look at a price drop saving of $70 on the Galaxy Nexus from retailer Wirefly.

Let us know how you are getting on with your Verizon Galaxy Nexus? Are you still feeling frustrated with the lack of 4G LTE or even 3G signal?


27 thoughts on “Your Galaxy Nexus still experiencing 4G LTE issue?”

  1. Caspruction says:

    I’m buying a new phone soon and was really looking forward to getting the Galaxy Nexus. However, the reports of signal and reception along with the multi-touch issues are forcing me to look elsewhere. Any word on dates for fixes to these issues? 

    1. Btc5472 says:

      i think u should still get the nexus. Ive had NO signal problems. Yesterday i was just outside of LA and my 4g signal was turning on and off. But that was ok because 4g isnt suppose to be in that area. The nezus has conatant updates from google which is good. AMAZING screwn and its FAST
      Get the nexus

      1. Charles says:

        To save battery power, I have set my Nexus to 3g only.  The problem is that for the past several days, I lose the data connection (I am in L.A.).  The phone still works as a phone but that’s it, no email and no web.  The fix is to reboot the phone but then it loses data a few hours later.  This is obviously a bad situation. What makes it worse is that Verizon lies and says there is nothing wrong with 3g.   I don’t know if the problem is with the network or with the Nexus or with the confluence of both.

        1. I too had this problem for about a week then just pulled the battery and everything was fine. This is more of a problem with Samsung phones then it is with verizon or google. I’ve experienced this problem with every single samsung product I’ve had. 3G now works fine for me (Virginia Beach, VA) but 4G takes a while to come on and even then it drains the battery like a fat kid demolishes a cake. This 4G issue is seriously pissing me off. I don’t care what it takes just somebody solve this issue. I’m pretty sure this is also why apple hasn’t had a 4G phone as well as it would eff up it’s “perfect design”.

  2. Vadim Ivanov 1989 says:

    First off let me say I’m all the way in Wayland, MA (USA) and I can now see the problem is worldwide. But the problem will be fixed. you guys forget this is a GOOGLE developer phone (first ice cream sandwich phone). verizon said they’ll make an update, but if they don’t google will step in. this is more of google’s baby that verizon’s. Just be patient.

    Vadim Ivanov

    1. Pathum Addarapathirana says:

      Most of us are patient but we hope patient for nothing, I really hope this phone doesnt follow the footsteps of the thunderbolt

      had a thunderbolt, downgraded to a 3g Palm Pre2
      now i have a nexus

  3. Anonymous says:

    whatever the issues may be they will be taken care of. The Galaxy Nexus is the best smartphone on the market period. All other devices pale in comparison

    1. Trob6969 says:

      Lol! Do a side-by-side specs comparison of the galaxy nexus to the htc rezound and you can CLEARLY see that the rezound beats the nexus in EVERY aspect (except ics out-of-the-box & screen size)!

  4. Carl says:

    Yes, lots of trouble making/receiving calls and texts on my Nexus.  Live in Des Moines where we have 4G.  Signal is always spotty on the phone and can’t make calls almost everytime I’m indoors.  Never had any issues with service here with previous phones.

  5. Guest says:

    i’ve been experiencing drop calls ever since the day i bought the phone.  live in minneapolis.  my brother bought one recently and he has been experiencing the same issue.  this sucks!

  6. Art says:

    Live in Altoona, PA with 4G wall to wall.  Got the Nexus when it first came out.  Other than the December outages, 4G is always there.  Love it.  Visited relatives in Shaker Hts.Oh last month.  Their home did not have 4G, but our hotel location in Beachwood, OH had strong 4g.  Nexus switched back and forth with no problem.  No problem with lots of calls coming in and going out while in Shaker.  I feel sorry for all the people who bot Iphone 4s thinking they have 4G.  LOL

  7. Trob6969 says:

    Its NOT a galaxy nexus problem, its a verizon problem. I know this because i have an htc rezound and i have also had the same problem although my phone has been doing fine lately with its 3g/4g connectivity. So all you galaxy nexus owners can breath easier knowing that your phone is not the problem, verizon is the source.

  8. Sarah says:

    I live in Richmond, VA. Bought a GNex last week. Richmond city has full 4G coverage. I was only able to pick up 4G a couple times….between work and home (which is a 3 mile trip). The phone would not pick up 4G in my apt or at work. One of my coworkers has the Thunderbolt and it picks up 4G fine in my work building. Also, had my wifi on and when I turned it off I completely lost phone signal and it took an hour to get the data signal back. Switching to airplane mode and back also causes a significant delay in gaining a data signal. Called Verizon and they said if I was in a building made of concrete or steel I would have problems picking up 4G or if there were tall buidings around.  Really? Wow. Aren’t most buildings made of those materials and don’t most major metropolitan areas have tall buildings?! Crappy answer from Verizon. So I returned my phone yesterday and am going to stick with my DInc until this issue gets resolved. Also when I was waiting at the Verizon store I compared the speed of the GNex with the RAZR. Did a speed test and RAZR won hands down. Also compared the the signals on both (in 4G at the store) and the RAZR’s signal was -70db and the GNex was -110, which means the RAZR has by far a better signal and speed.

  9. _M says:

    Have Verizon Galaxy Nexus in Ft Worth TX. I traveled down to San Antonio recently. I’ve experienced problems with LTE in Fort Worth, in San Antonio, and near Temple. My experiences make me wonder about the handoff between the LTE radio and CDMA radio. When 4g is weak it doesn’t switch back to CDMA and I’m left without voice or data. The last two weeks, I’ve disabled LTE and use CDMA exclusively; I get as good if not slightly better perceived performance than my motorola droid.

  10. Castle T R says:

    I’ve had sporadic lack of 3G connectivity for the 3 weeks I’ve had the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and today have had no 3G for the past 8 hours.  Called Verizon tech support and they say no network problems in the area.  They had me remove sim card, re-start, etc. – no luck.

  11. we had simular problems with 3g/4glte registration wife switched to a razor no more problems after a few weeks with many call to customer support /store visits i got my phone replaced  this one has had some short outages but always restarts with a power down and power up not like the first one  first one radio defective  im still fighting verizon over their poor/confusing support of this problem

  12. 21sandypoint says:

    Want to add my own “Me too”.  My Nexus has poor reception, doesn’t seem to ring when calls are received….. then I discover a string of missed calls and the device is sitting on the desk next to me.  My old flip phone never missed calls… this is not progress.  I am deeply disappointed and considering a new phone.   The phone did not live up to it’s hype!

  13. Let me add “Me too”..but I can say it varies from phone to phone. My first nexy was fine. Then I dropped it. The replacement had signal issues like mad. They replaced it no signal issues…but the speaker died so another replacement….speaker fine but signal issues back. When I turn off LTE and use just CDMA (I never can remember the correct order) phone is flawless….turn on LTE and the signal issues are horrific often left with NO SERVICE in downtown Boston one of the first LTE areas and I mean like center of the city where I know there is service. I also notice that switching airplane mode on/off there is a big delay – like I can almost hear my phone scratching its head looking for a signal (smile).  I am getting another replacement tomorrow. Surprisingly and to their credit Verizon aka Big Red and my local rep haven’t tried to kill me or even complained. They do seem to want to make me happy. My rep did notice that it was curious that when filling out the replacement form on their system that the options 4g Signal loss issue was one of the choices already in the system like its been used a lot.

  14. Ray says:

    I keep missing calls on my galaxy nexus. My old droid 1 was perfect in regard to this issue. I don’t know if it’s Verizon or the handset? Any idea what to do?

  15. Brady says:

    i went to Baton Rouge Louisiana last week (May 2012) .. as soon as my phone tried to switch over from 3G to 4G – i lost all signal. i didn’t have any signal at all. then the 4G emblem would come on but the bars would remain grey. then the 4G would become blue but then disappear. i was so mad i almost cut off my own arm with a knife and cried while sitting on the ground and eating and chewing rocks and slapping myself in the ears with my palms as hard as i could.

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