Galaxy Nexus readies UK 32GB variant, interested?

Before the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus running with Android’s new Ice Cream Sandwich OS arrived, it was fair to say that interest for the smartphone was on a massive scale. Dubbed a “monstrous” phone by many, the new Sammy addition will no doubt be enjoyed by many this holiday season.

It brings with it some impressive features such as a 4.65-inch display, Android ICS OS, NFC, 1.2GHz dual-core processor with massive 1750mAh battery. The phone is not a device to be snubbed at.

News has filtered through that may bring a smile to some of your faces, it seems the Galaxy Nexus is being readied as a 32GB variant as well as the 16GB model, something of which many in the UK and other European countries were waiting to get their hands on.

It seems according to ITProportal.com, some consumers were “put off” with purchasing the new Nexus due to its lack of SD card slot and “no show” 32GB model. As to the new priced version and when it will surface, still remains a mystery, but hopefully Nexus fans will not have too much longer to wait.

Let us know if this is news to your ears? Will you be eagerly waiting for a 32GB version to arrive?


6 thoughts on “Galaxy Nexus readies UK 32GB variant, interested?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That sounds sweeter than anything I’ve heard in a while! Can’t wait.. Only I know how I’ve been able to resist from pulling the trigger on the 16 GB one.. 😮

  2. GusTButt says:

    Bought the 16gb version ( advertised as expandable by O2) and took it back when I discovered it wasn’t. Can’t wait for a 32gb version, then I’ll buy one once more. Better still if they made one with an expansion slot.

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