Sony Tablet S New Year 2012 price cut

Last year its fair to say, saw a great many new devices coming to retailer shelves, mainly in the form of smartphones and tablets. Number one leader of both primarily was of course Cali company Apple, with many other manufacturers trying to follow suit. Will the same be said for 2012? We know already that Apple may be bringing not one but maybe two new iPad’s to market, so will anyone else get a look in?

Sony’s new Tablet S, which first debuted as a prototype back in April of last year alongside its brother the Tablet P, has now received a price cut, in the hope that customers toying with the idea of purchasing a new tablet device will be smitten with its offerings.

Running with Android’s Honeycomb OS, the 9.4-inch Tablet S according to latimes.com has received $100 off its price, dropping the smaller 16GB model down to $399.99, with the 32GB at $499.99. An added bonus to customers is that they will receive a free 180-day trial of the company’s Music Unlimited service, alongside five free rentals from the Video Unlimited service.

If this wasn’t enough to get you hyped up, Sony are also throughout this month offering five free downloadable “Classic PlayStation” games from the Store app for new Sony Tablet customers.

Let us know if the Sony Tablet S is tempting you with its new dropped price?


One thought on “Sony Tablet S New Year 2012 price cut”

  1. WehoAndy says:

    Yes, I am tempted — but I’m not sure if I should buy direct from SonyStyle or from an online retailer who is also providing other perks (such as a free or discounted bundle). What’s everyone else thinking about?

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