Android and Samsung rapid growth: comScore report

Its safe to say that during 2011, consumers were spoilt for choice in relation to the different range of smartphones on offer and of course their respective operating systems. For some time Apple had enjoyed taking the market share with their iPhone and iOS OS, but times were going to change with the introduction of Google’s Android OS.

Seen on a massive number of mobile phone and tablet devices, the decision couldn’t be any harder for consumers considering a change to their current device. From time to time here at Phones Review, we’ve asked you our readers what your thoughts are on the varying OS, and what you have or would think about using.

A recent comScore report according to socialbarrel.com has spoken about how Android is still reaping the benefits of a massive growth, allowing them to be the fastest growing OS in the market as we speak. Unfortunately, this has made it difficult for Cali company Apple to keep up despite their new iPhone 4S with iOS arrival.

The report has also looked into other operating systems including RIM’s BlackBerry OS, which cannot seem to keep up along with Windows Mobile/Phone and Nokia’s Symbian OS still trying to make headway.

When looking at the comScore report above on socialbarrel.com, South Korean makers Samsung have proved themselves as the top US phone maker ending 30th November 2011, with others such as LG, Motorola, Apple and RIM following in that order.

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