Doodle God app test: Nokia Lumia 800

We have spoken before about Nokia’s Lumia 800 and how it saw limited sales over the Christmas period, even after a massive ads campaign. Competing against the likes of the iPhone 4S and the range of Samsung smartphones, the Nokia was always going to struggle. Even so, for lovers of the Windows Phone, My Nokia Blog has switched on to show off the device by demonstrating a new app “Doodle God” on it.

Watching the Lumia in action, we can see how well it takes to the game with smooth movements and perfect animation. But what is the app all about?

Well, “Doodle God” mixes concepts that users of “Alchemy” will find familiar. Simplified, the game offers you four basic elements, Water, Fire, Air and Earth. By combining these elements you can create new elements, creatures, buildings, as well as tools weapons and even bacteria. As you work your way through the elements you are rewarded with access to things like mini games and more.

Linking to Xbox LIVE gives you the ability to list on Leader boards and keep a track on your achievements. As a new element is created a quote or saying is displayed for you to read, although once these have gone there doesn’t seem to be a way to get them back.

For those that have tried Doodle God, opinions are very complementary, offering comments like “true genius” and “a wonderful concept”. So if this type of app appeals to you then what are you waiting for?

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