Google Voice outage, Sprint to Verizon problems

If the Big Red keeping experiencing outage issues hasn’t been enough in the past, apparently there is now an outage problem with Google Voice in as much as the word is quite a few Sprint customers are having issues using Google Voice on the Verizon network with numerous users turning to Google Plus to voice their concerns.

According to the guys over at Engadget by way of Google Plus apparently the problem is whenever a Sprint user tries to make a call it rings a single ti8me and then the user receives a busy signal, and word is this issue doesn’t stop even if the application is uninstalled, although it does look to be confined to Sprint customers only.

On checking the Google+ page it also appears that some are experiencing this same problem when making calls to AT&T as well…” Me too, except I am on AT&T. My calls have randomly been going straight to a “this person is unavailable” message.”

Apparently there’s No word from Sprint Google on this issue at the moment so it seems to be an ongoing problem for Sprint users in the main, but the Engadget guys have said they are trying to find out just what is going on.

So we’d like to hear from our readers out there to find out if you are experiencing this Google Voice problem, and if so feel free to voice your annoyance to our comments area below.

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4 thoughts on “Google Voice outage, Sprint to Verizon problems”

    1. guest says:

      Call Sprint, have them remove the Service Order Code (SOC) from the Sprint account.  Log out of Google Voice, Log back in and re-nable on the mobile number.  I received some errors, log back out and in again and everything is working fine. 

  1. Sp4rxx says:

    It is plaguing VZW customers as well.  When a caller tries to call, and whether I force them to VM or it just rings enough times to get there, the caller gets the “unavailable” message.  VZW is no help since their excuse is that it is a “3rd party provider”….

    Google, in all their glory, needs to take a better look at their systems!

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