Motorola Droid 4 contract sub-$250 price

We have all heard the talks about Motorola’s latest Droid 4, but while we have been able to see what specs the new device will come furnished with, we have been left in the dark in regards to pricing and release dates. However according to Unwiredview, there has been a glimmer of light at the end of one of the tunnels.

While we still have to wait for a confirmed availability, leaked MAP list (minimum advertised price) from Verizon, can at least give us an indication as to what we will be expecting to pay for the latest slimmest of Motorola smartphones.

At $249.99 on a two-year contract, subscribers will benefit from a sliding QWERTY keyboard like the Droid Razr. A 4-inch gHD display and LTE connectivity will accompany the Droid 4’s 1.2GHz dual-core processor. Backed up with 1GB of RAM and 8-megapixel-1080p rear facing camera and HD capable front facer.

OS will be between Gingerbread and Ice-Cream Sandwich, but these will be revealed nearer the launch. We will keep you posted with any more information that we get so watch this space. Tell us if you are holding out for the new Droid 4?


One thought on “Motorola Droid 4 contract sub-$250 price”

  1. Mhockey1505 says:

    No, because they already aknowledged the problem with the razr was battery life.  I’m not going to buy this so they can release the droid 4 maxx in 2 months.  by the time the extended battery comes out, i might as well keep on waiting for a damned quad cores… upsetting, really..and i was really looking forward to this one..

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