iPhone is dominating the world better than humans

A couple of days ago Apple announced their iPhone sales for the last three months with over 37 million handsets, and apparently that figure places the iPhone above the amount of newborn babies on this globe using the worldwide average daily birth rate throughout a similar period, so this means that there are more iOS smartphones sold a day than there are babies born.

According to the guys over at Cnet, Luke Wroblewski, a digital design guru used his Twitter account to note that Apple has been more productive than the human race in recent months with Worblewski tweeting…

“There are more iPhones sold per day (402k) than people born in the world per day (300k).twitter.com/#!/asymco/stat…”

So it would seem that the iPhone is dominating the world better than humans, which could mean that Apple could push out an iPhone for every human on the planet given time, and of course as long as everyone on the planet wanted an iPhone, which we all know wont happen as there are many that prefer Android.

One does have to give it to Apple though, 402,000 iPhone handsets sold per day is quite a lot of devices, however Android seems to be holding their own as well as reported by Tech Crunch back in December there were 700,000 Android activations per day, which is quite a few more than the iPhone wouldn’t you agree?

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