Twitter with Siri via Sireet tweak

There are many jailbreak tweaks out there, and one thing that iPhone 4S Siri cannot do it Tweet, well you can but you have to go all around the house for it to work, you have to go through a long process of setting up twitter in your contacts etc, learn more about this here.

Good news for those that have jailbroken their iPhones, you can now Twitter with Siri via Sireet tweak. It did not take long for someone to sort this out, now you can do it directly using Siri rather than the cumbersome set-up.

iDB reported about this new jailbreak tweak but did not know the name, but then they recently updated saying that it is called Sireet. They mention that the tweeting is accurate using Siri, below you can see a video of it in working order.

Sireet is now available to download via the MMI repo, and you will be happy to know it is free.

Personally we believe that Apple will have deep integrated Twitter within Siri, they just need to shake hands and make the deal happen, it is what customers want and both parties will be laughing.


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