Best tablet for kids: Kurio ICS 4.0 dream prices

With the ever-rising popularity of tablet devices, buyers seem more than happy to stump up the cost of an outright purchase or even sign up to a 24-month contract. With this new technology entering more and more of our homes, the chances of the younger generation having access to these slates, could cause concern to the grown ups.

While we try to introduce our children into this new era, the costly outlay can restrict willingness to let young fingers get involved. This is now to change with the new Kurio tablet from tablet maker Inspiration Works. Running with Android’s new Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS, the Kurio has been designed with children from 4-15 years and adults in mind.

Available in three sizes being 7-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch with a capacitive touchscreen, the new ICS tablet will bring with it 4GB of storage with an SD card to expand it to 32GB, other specs still remain a little vague, although on the smaller 7-inch the Kurio will pack a .3MP camera whilst the bigger 8-inch and 9-inch pack a 0.3MP front with 2MP to the rear, with an average battery time of 6 hours.

As to its processor and amount of RAM, this still remains a mystery, but the Kurio will arrive as pocketlint.com reported, with a USB socket for linking up a camera or joystick, with parental controls being a benefit.

Available in the UK in July with accessories to match such as cases, car headrest kit and headphones that have a limited volume, for a price of £150, £180 with £200 being at the top end of the scale.

Do you have young children, are you keen to introduce them to this amount of technology? What age do you think you can justify spending out for a tablet with this level of spec?


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