Gevey SIM 04.11.08 unlock for iPhone 4 coming soon

If you have the Apple iPhone 4 and love the power of unlocking, you are well aware that baseband 4.11.08 unlock is a powerful subject at the moment, throw that in with the words Gevey SIM and you have a great mix of happenings going on.

Now you are wondering what the heck we are chatting about, there have been many rumours and fake reports covering the iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 unlock, and some of the names right at the top include the likes of react0r unlock, crims0n unlock and even the Miracle SIM unlock.

The good news is according to iPad2iPhone5 Gevey is working on a new unlock for iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08, this is all hear say at the moment, but Gevey have officially announced that they are working on a hardware unlock.

Does this mean that Gevey will release a new interposer SIM like the Gevey Ultra to unlock iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08? Apparently if the new Gevey unlock is released it will be priced at around $49, you must remember that the new Apple baseband 4.12 that is coming soon is not unlockable, so it is best that you preserve your baseband. In a nutshell do not update the IPSW to iOS 5.0.2 or iOS 5.1.

Phones Review Says: Unlocking phones in some countries is illegal; it is for sure in the UK. You do unlocks and jailbreaks at your own risk, we just report what is happening around the world.


44 thoughts on “Gevey SIM 04.11.08 unlock for iPhone 4 coming soon”

    1. Armaan K says:

      Hi Buddy !

      Permanent Unlock for iPhone4 & iPhone 4S is available for iPhones from many countries except for A T & T USA.  If you have a iPhone from any other country than the USA then you may contact me & I will be able to guide you with further procedure & the cost involved. Have a great day ! Armaan  +91 9900693599 – Bangalore – Email : armaan0815@gmail.com

      1. Harman says:

        Hey armaan … Sup … Kidda and im also Stuck on this fc<kd up unlock….. And can u also give me a lil info on this permanent unlock …. factory unlock i thnk so ….+91 953050 u no what jus msg me on harman.4u.2nv@gmail.con cause my brother needs my phone for 3 days

  1. Lebgabe says:

    It’s good they’re making progress. Many people are stuck with other stupid phones like I am. I will buy this when it comes out and is confirmed by drv team. Keep up the good work

  2. Syedasimali says:

    im using gevey sim on 4.11.08 ios 5.0.1 its available in pakistan its cost is 2200 rupees hope it will be available in ur countries soon it was release here in my country yesterday on saturday 28/01/12

    1. Danny_g says:

      Wow! Seriously! I’ve been using my iPhone 4 as iPod for quite sometime now. At last the gevey sim that we hav been waiting has arrived! What kinda gevey sim is that?

    2. Aamujeee says:

      salam bhai jeee tell mee kahan se app ne purchase ki hai or kab aye hai koi new gavey sim bhai  mere pore pk me nhi hai 4.11.08 not unlock for gavey sim wait karo sab

    3. Yaroo04 says:

      Hi Syed Asim Ali This Syed Touqeer Haider
      please let me know where to buy that gavey Sim in karachi.If u help me It will be heighly appriciated.

  3. Abhishek vyas says:

    hi guys
    i have been working on bb 4.11.08 for the past 2 weeks and i have code the unlock for the same.if u need the unlock then contact me on +919373416474.
    also i would like to know how can i market my unlock & make some money.i have worked really hard for this. 

    1. amit says:

       hey thanks for the coding the unlock.i’m a cellphone delear based in mumbai.i will call you & may be we can make an arrangement to market your unlock

    2. Hitesh_pinky says:

      hello abhishek 
      let me know if that is true or no bcoz i call in this number and this is not good when u keep update this status ok as this not true then u might endup in big problem ok call me i +1473 4184334 if that is true 

  4. Mymxpella says:

    “unlock guides” posted today Jan 30th a new jailbreak and unlock for the Iphone with firmware 04.11.08. its called blackpoisi0n and installs unlockme. does it really work. there is a you tube video with it.

  5. I have an i phone 4 that have a carrier of Rogers 11.0 and i need to unlock it to use it in my local country in EU. my phone BB is 04.11.08 and it is 5.0.1 ( 9A405),,,, PLEASE HELP ME TO UNLOCK MY I-PHONE.!!! i havent used my phone for like 4 months nooowww :(… e-mail me the steps to do. so i could change the Carrier of rogers to my local carrier…
    joshua_d_best@hotmail.com…. THANK YOU !

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