Simplicity iFold Stand iPhone or Android

Are you an iPhone or even Android user that holds your device for long periods of time, perhaps to watch your favourite movie or to chat using Skype, and find yourself having to put your device down due to an achy hand? Well thanks to a new accessory called the ‘ifoldstand,’ this could be about to change for you.

A new product that actually folds right down to a credit card size, the ifoldstand allows your device to be placed into a stand that can be viewed in landscape or portrait mode. Available in different colours for a cost of £6.99, the ifoldstand is made from a durable 3D PriPack 500 micron polypropylene material, and can hold devices from Apple’s iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G/S, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, Android and other devices.

The ifoldstand will make viewing far easier from now on, with the benefit of watching a movie from start to finish, keeping all phone apps visible, using the internet for a long period of time and so on. What we like about the new accessory is its size and the fact that it can fold down into a person’s pocket, with if chosen, the phone stand being ordered in big supply should you need to use it as a promotional product for your company or as a business card.

Available using the PayPal method, the new ifoldstand can be viewed here. Let us know what you think about the new accessory?

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