GameBoid problems 2012: Phone GBA emulator

We wanted to go back to the good old days and talk about GameBoid; this is the popular and famous GameBoy Advance emulator that was optimized for Android devices. We would like to know if you are still using it and if you are having problems now that we are in 2012.

GameBoid allows users to run most games at full speed with sound, customizable on-screen translucent keypad, In-game battery save, Fast-forward, Save/Load game states at any point, Cheats, Switching between multiple key profiles, and is one the best compatibility compared to any other GBA emulators running on Android mobile devices.

As time moves on users seem to be still having problems, such as one HTC Wildfire S user mentions that when they try to play GBA ROMS they kicked out, if you visit this forum one user says that they are enjoying GameBoid, but visited the Android Market got the download after putting their card details in and downloaded the game, only to be left with an error saying something along the lines of “app not signed properly.” Have you come up with this problem?

We will not sit here rolling out all the problems that we have found so far online, we would rather you let us know if you are having GameBoid problems, please do use the commenting area provided below and let us know.


14 thoughts on “GameBoid problems 2012: Phone GBA emulator”

  1. Palmer Nyako says:

    Yes i had the same problem of getting kicked out to the rom screen after a random amount of game play.
    I’ve had many talks with yongzh about this problem and he doesn’t seem to know the cause of this issue. I’m glad that its not only a Samsung epic touch 4g problem though.
    This issue is what brought me to this article after searching on google for gba emulators android 2012.

  2. help me says:

    i have a problem. I was palying pokemon emerald with gameboid. But when i pressed down, the screen suddenly turn to the weird colour. I can press all the button, but I can save it, and load it. How can I fix it? Please help me. Thanks.

    1. Mat_lightyear says:

      Acutally that means it froze it happens to make sute u turned off all cheatcodes that what i do it usally works for me thats all the advice i can give u good luck

  3. Mat_lightyear says:

    When i was playin pokemon emerald it took away my keyboard A &B buttins L & R button select and pause now i cant do anything :/

  4. Joe Palmer says:

    I have a Droid 2 and every time I use the gameboid and lock my screen it will freeze the touch screen and i cant unlock my phone or anything

  5. phil says:

    I have a HTC Rezound and it seems that when I use gameboid it causes my phone to power cycle. I have had problems with power cycling on 3 different rezounds but only after I used gameboid for a little while. Not sure if its the root cause or maybe jus contributing.

  6. Chriscash73 says:

    I play emerald and any other game works fine..no freezes our crashes…only game I cannot play are golden sun one n 2..wish they would really fix that

  7. Human says:

    When I want to switch pokemon in emerald (not during battle) I was not only unable to switch but the moment of switching glitches and paused though the music is still going now after I find a way to avoid or so called “fix” it everytime I load emerald I will see the glitching scene not the opening pokemon scene…How come?

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