Samsung out of the box book: video

Let’s face it some people when it comes to smartphones have a hard time understanding instruction manuals and most handsets come with flimsy manuals featuring tech jargon that some might not understand, so this is where the Samsung out of the box manual comes into play, and we have a video showing off the Samsung out of box book for your viewing pleasure below.

The Out of Box — Book for Samsung video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Vitamins Design, and is a project they have been working on that have physical books as a smartphone manual which can sit on a bookshelf, in this case the Samsung Tocco Lite.

The first books enables the user to place all the elements of the smartphone in the correct order such as SIM card, battery and back cover, and houses the handset, whilst the second book is the actual manual where you can slot the handset into and has arrows pointing at exact locations the user should press, and in the video you can see how the books are used to streamline the set-up and learning process.

The guys say that they anted to create a special item that could be kept on the bookshelf, and delivered a friendly non-technical tone without feeling patronising.

Not too sure if this will ever get off the ground, but to me it sure looks like a neat way of helping those that may have trouble setting up a device and using the technical manual and could work with any mobile phone really but I doubt manufacturers would go to the expense, what do you think?

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