MEEP the tablet for kids, the Android hug

This is catchy, MEEP the tablet for kids and give it the big Android hug, yes folks the MEEP is a child orientated Android slate that will no doubt keep your youngster entertained once the MEEP tablet, made by Oregon Scientific comes out to play at some point in the future presumable in the good old US of A.

According to the guys over at Oregon Scientific, the MEEP tablet sports a 7-inch touch screen along with an unspecified version of the Android operating system, G-sensor, WiFi and SD card slot and there will be accessories for the MEEP slate as well including musical instruments.

Other than that, spec wise there isn’t a great deal know about the MEEP just yet, but the word is the slate is intended for kids of six-years and up, and comes with the ability for parents to limit web access along with being able to install monitoring software so they can keep an eye on their young ones Internet surfing.

Apparently the Oregon Scientific MEEP Android tablet will be shown off during a TIA American International toy fair but no word on just when the MEEP will become available for the kids or at what price the Android tablet will hit parent’s pockets for.

So will you be looking to keep your children entertained with the MEEP Android tablet for kids sometime in the not too distant future or are you quite happy to let your child play a round with your own Android or iOS tablet?

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