The good & bad with Boost Mobile LG Marquee

Back in September of last year, Sprint’s version of the LG Optimus Black the Marquee was announced with its specs and possible release date. It would be the month of January 2012 that the handset would finally launch, and today we wanted to take a look at the phone landing on Boost Mobile’s 3G network with its good and bad points.

By having the Marquee on Boost, users will benefit from paying a stand-alone price without a contract hanging around their neck. Cnet.com have reported on the good and bad points of the phone, with what includes in design to have a slim and weightless feel allowing easy portability of the phone, to have a vibrant 4-inch Nova display, 1GHz processor, 5MP rear camera with 2 to the front, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, connectivity via WiFi and Bluetooth, GPS, Boost’s very own ID button allowing the 5 home screens to be changed with apps and widgets.

When studying the new Marquee on Boost’s network, the overall feel for the handset is good, although it was noted that the device with its supposed tight grip appears to slip through the fingers, this could be down to the matte coating, along with the handset giving a fairly slow performance from its processor. On the flipside to this, the Marquee’s display is reported to be one of the best on the market giving bright, crisp colours giving it an equal pegging with the iPhone’s retina display, although graphics could have been more impressive.

The LG Marquee on Boost retails for $279 and is reported to be their flagship phone, whereas if you fancied purchasing the phone on rivals Sprint, you would have to find $99 after signing up to a two-year contract with mail-in rebate.

Would you be tempted to buy the LG Marquee on Boost as a one off payment? Perhaps you already have the phone, in which case we would like to know how you are finding it?


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  1. Ron Anderson says:

    I really NEED an extended battery and CASE once I get the bigger battery on. I have looked all over, there must be a solution. I have seen many batts on Amazon, but I wouldn’t know what case I could then put on it.

  2. I’d been using the Samsung Galaxy Prevail on Boost Mobile for over a year (bought it the minute it came out), recently upgraded to (this) LG Marquee.

    The first benefit is all the Internal Storage Space, available to the user. I don’t have to scrimp on APP shopping anymore and that (for me) is HUGE. 

    While the display may not be the vaunted Samsung AMOLED, it is VERY clean, clear, crisp and beautiful. Photos POP on this, and videos look great on the LG “NOVA” display. 

    The phone is THIN, much more so than I had expected. It feels nice in the hand and the sleekness of the design gives it a look & feel of a premium (much more expensive) phone / device. 

    Call quality is great, Bluetooth and WiFi are flawless. For those who bemoan poor battery life, guess what? Smart phones are like digital cameras, they will chomp, eat and relentlessly DRAIN batteries!  Get used to it, or buy a non-android / non-blackberry / non-windows / non- ios / non-smart phone. 

    One of the few demerits I have with the LG Marquee, is that the Charging Port is on the Top of the phone. Seems strange and it does interfere with routine operation of the phone, while charging. The only other phone I’ve owned that did this, was an LG900 from NET10 (not a smart phone). 

    I would probably have shelled out the full price for this, sooner or later, but was caught by a (typically-generous) discounted sale price at Best Buy and it became an Impulse buy. Ten minutes after getting it home, unpacked, fired up and activated, I was thanking myself profusely for having done so (and thanking Best Buy as always). 

    I was also surprised at how easy it was to upgrade this (from my Samsung Galaxy Prevail) at Boost Mobile – I forfeited six months of “shrinkage” by upgrading, which is what they do now … if you’re on the original $50-dollar plan, you’ll be forced to the newer $55-dollar plan when you upgrade your handset. 

    … meaning, I am now paying $45 per month, up from $40, which is the lease you can pay on Boost Mobile (used to be $35.00).  I still LOVE the flat rate, no-tricks of Boost Mobile and consider the extra five bucks worth every dime. 

    Overall – anybody who is sitting on the fence with this, take one look at the ZTE Warp from Boost … take one look at Virgin Mobile’s Motorola Triumph, then thank your lucky stars you decided on THIS instead. Seriously. 

  3. Waitformotion says:

    Really not liking it.
    Came to this phone from 2+ years with the Droid Pro which was fast and 100% flawless. I may have just been lucky and spoiled with that phone but 3 months in with the Marquee and this thing is SLOW. I dont load up on apps, I have maybe 5 or 6 installed and i dont FB. I do use task-killer to keep my RAM free. It’s just a buggy phone. Input lag is typically half a second (even more at times) and that’s just nuts. Half a second doesnt sound like much but when you’re typing, it’s unacceptable. IMO, a phone with that kind of lag shouldn’t have been released to market.
    Also, too many weird quirks with phone vs data conflicts. Sometimes a phone call will disconnect the data so nav stops working. Speaking of nav, it will lock the screen black 1/4 of the time (though it will continue to work and speak). Answering a second call while you’re on one often causes you to drop both calls when you try to switch back to the first one.
    A small point, but the camera being 5mp could be a tad misleading. Not all 5mp cameras are created equal, as resolution size doesn’t mean that much if the optics are low quality. The Marquee’s optics are not great, meaning the photos (while they may be 5mp in SIZE) are not nearly as clear as the same resolution pics on a phone with better optics. The Marquee’s screen is crystal clear and great for VIEWING pics but the photos taken with the camera itself are quite disappointing.
    I can understand that a lot of folks will be impressed with the phone’s ability in general but if you have already had a very reliable Droid in the past, you may not be one of them.

  4. Dedskinmask says:

    I am happy with it. It may not be the fastest or the sleekest, but it also beats paying several hundred dollars more for a phone you will only have about 2 years, at best. In terms of no-contract phones, this is one of the better ones out there.

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