New stock shopping via app for investors

There are plenty of smartphone apps already out there, but today a new addition firstly available for the iPhone and iPad and then Android, will help and give advice for investors to ‘buy what you know.’

According to usatoday.com, the new stock shopping app will not only scan an item’s barcode but will give out additional information on its stock and the company concerned. Courtesy of leading brokers TD Ameritrade, investors as reported will benefit from being able to scan UPC bar codes with an added insight into who makes the product, how much stock there is with the view to buying the stock straight away on their device.

It is hoped that the new smartphone app will enable investors to do their research if they happen to be in a retail store. With a massive surge in people using smartphones and an interest in using their devices for business purposes, it is hoped that the app will pave the way for future investment advances.

Are you perhaps an investor, if so what do you think about the new app? Will it be beneficial to you?

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