Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for Toshiba Thrive

On its announcement here at Phones Review, we’ve brought you news surrounding the new Toshiba Thrive tablet, be it specs, comparisons or video footage. Today before we refresh you on its features, we wanted to let you know that its OS looks to be getting a boost from the current Android 3.2 Honeycomb to the much-anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.

Although an official date has not been received, it appears according to computerworld.com that the ICS OS update will arrive towards the end of the spring. As we are aware, this could be anytime with the end of spring being around June 19th.

Rumblings of when the OS update will commence have been a talking point on social networking site Twitter on the official @ToshibaUSA account. When we talk about the Toshiba Thrive tablet, we are in fact talking about the smaller 7-inch and 10-inch versions.

According to JR Raphael over at computerworld, Toshiba Public Relations Manager Eric Paulsen has responded to when the Thrive tablets will receive their ICS update. Via Twitter once again, he said the company are targeting the ‘end of spring’ for both models of the tablet.

Specs wise, the 7-inch tablet boasts an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, 5MP rear and 2MP cameras, and connectivity with WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth with 16GB or 32GB of internal storage. As for its bigger brother the 10-incher, this yet again packs the same sized processor and cameras with easy grip non-slip interchangeable rubber backplate, which can be chosen from a choice of colours.

With a surge in devices releasing already with Android’s ICS OS or receiving an update, is the Thrive update news to your ears? Let us know.


5 thoughts on “Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for Toshiba Thrive”


    The Toshiba Thrive is like a rugged Swiss Army knife. I use it for its easy hdmi access port to connect to my projector for courtroom presentations. This is great news! I’ll be one of the first to upgrade as soon as my upgrade alert shows up!!

  2. Jwm93k says:

    I hope there are some changes in version 4. I thought when I bought the Thrive I was getting a small PC, but rather it turned out to be a fat phone with out the phone. I would rather run some other linux if I could. I tried selling it, but I could not give it away. What did I get my self into. The android system does not live up to the hipe. I can not use this like a PC, or run other linux programs. I wish I had not bought it. What a waste of money.

  3. cyberpig says:

    I love the thrive and think it is a pleasant change to all the other tablets out there and fits the purpose of light browsing and connectivity perfectly…far superior to my old netbook! So yeah good news if this is accurate.  To the poster below I don’t understand what you were expecting from it?! If you wanted a small PC why didn’t you save a few more pennies and buy an ultrabook or a newer netbook and fit a small SSD for speed?  Research always should be done before investing in a new piece of technology…..no offence 😉    

  4. Jwm says:

    I had to sell my Thrive. In the lot of tablets, it is at the top. All the reviews and descriptions of the tablet and android gave it great ratings. What they didn’t say is most of the apps are phone apps. As linux it didn’t live up to any Linux expectations. It had almost no similarity to any other linux. The wifi worked well, and surfing was normal. But it was just a fat phone. I worked at a technology company and I thought it would sell well. I had to reduce the price to $200 to even get a bite. For what it  was advertised as I was disappointed. I couldn’t even find a good file manger, but that should come standard on linux. It is a very good fat phone, but it is a poor example of a computing device and Linux. It is good at product viewing, but poor at product creation. I did like the full size USB and HDMI and the 10 size was perfect, if it only could have been able to run ubuntu or Mint. It seems you either love or not. Happy trails.

  5. Stritfm says:

    Toshiba now says that ICS will not arrive until Fall 2012……now someone tell me how that poor support doesn’t drive iPad sales

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