HTC One vs iPhone 4S: Opening camera speeds

When it comes to cameras on mobile phones, customers want the ability to shoot photos as quickly as possible, and we all know that the iPhone 4S is rapid when it comes to opening the camera from sleep mode and ready for action How does it fair with the HTC One phone series?

This prompted us to test the Apple iPhone 4S, to see how fast the camera can be opened from sleep mode, but before we get down to the speed test we done we would like to bring your attention first to an article via ‘Computer Active’, they are reporting that HTC claims that its new ‘One Series’ smartphone camera is better than the iPhone 4S.

Today we have provided you with a few articles covering the latest news on the HTC One X, as well as the HTC S and V, these are the three flagship models apparently equipped to be better than the iPhone 4S. HTC CEO Peter Chou showed off one the models at MWC 2012 in Barcelona mentioning that the camera was ‘literally faster than the blink of an eye’. If the camera button on the side of the new HTC handset were pressed it would open from sleep mode within 0.7 seconds.

These new HTC models can apparently according to the Computer Active take photos as well as record videos at the same time, other camera features include burst mode. The camera lens on the HTC One phones are capable of getting 44-percent more light than other top notch phone cameras, the flash is apparently smarter as well as they are great to use in ‘low light, no light and bad light’ according to Chou.

HTC One handsets are also great for car speakers, there are accessories that enable these new phones to play music wirelessly via car speakers thanks to Bluetooth wireless technology, all users need to do is use a memory key-sized Bluetooth adapter that plugs into the line-in port on your car stereo, if vehicles do not have this type of port customers can use another adapter connects instead to the radio antenna connector on your car stereo, and no engineer is needed.

Now getting back to opening the camera from sleep mode, the HTC One as said above can apparently open in 0.7 seconds, so we decided to test out the iPhone 4S camera. We done the test 12 times and we came up with the same time all the time, opening the iPhone 4S camera from sleep mode took 2 seconds dead.

Double click the iPhone 4S home button twice opens the camera icon option, then press this and the camera opens, we did all this in 2 seconds flat. So the HTC One at 0.7 seconds is indeed quicker than the iPhone 4S 2 seconds. We obviously cannot do a text on the HTC One series, as we do not have these phones yet.


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