BlackBerry Curve 9320 for India may shine

Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM) has at times struggled to keep pace against rival competition from others such as Apple and Samsung who rack up a vast amount in terms of smartphone sales. With changes internally within the company and the new BlackBerry 7 OS, it’s hoped that the company will start to thrive again.

For the country of India, BlackBerry smartphone devices are still well received with news that consumers will have two new Curve handsets to choose from, one being that of the 9220 and the other 9320. In two months time, RIM will be launching both entry-level phones onto the Indian market, and today thanks to bgr, the 9320 has been used for two days with impressive feedback.

In appearance and size, the 9320 fits the bill with the device not feeling too weighty and bulky, whilst the general feel of the phone’s plastic material betters that of some Samsung smartphones currently on the market.

Other benefits noted of the 3G 9320 include the use of a shortcut BBM button and BlackBerry 7.1 OS allowing as we’ve reported before ‘Deeper BBM Integration,’ with the use of a fairly adequate battery life. Known specs on the Curve 9320 include a 2.44-inch QVGA display with qwerty keyboard, 512MB RAM, 3.2MP rear facing camera, connectivity via WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, FM radio with microSD card slot for up to 32GB of internal memory.

As to the 9320 price, this is still unknown but it’s hoped to touch down under Rs 12,000.

Whilst we are talking about the country of India, we wanted to remind you on Samsung’s new Galaxy Y Pro Duo smartphone range reported on the other day, which come with the use of two SIM cards so you can use the one device for work and pleasure purposes!

Let us know your feedback on the new BlackBerry Curve 9320? Elsewhere away from India, can BlackBerry claw their way back above the likes of Apple and Samsung?

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