Ubuntu for Android positively surprising

Ubuntu, the company best known for its distribution of Linux has now opened its doors to Android, with its full desktop OS implemented with Android’s mobile OS. With a new beginning and Ubuntu for Android prototypes to speak of, the Android phone has now become not just a phone but also so much more!

How you may be asking? According to siliconfilter.com, whilst using an Android phone with the Motorola Atrix handset being used as an example, the user would not have the slightest inkling that Ubuntu was also running on the mobile. But it’s when the device is plugged into a base station, that changes can be seen with a full desktop system put into place, with full control being used from a keyboard and a mouse.

Prototypes using the Ubuntu OS is not the fastest when it comes to using Google’s Chrome for instance, but its been reported that once implemented onto the first mobile phones, this will change with the use of multi-core processors with far more RAM allowing faster speeds. Benefits of the user having the full desktop include the full use of Android’s OS, allowing the use of Google Maps, apps running on the phone and so on.

With manufacturers reported to be hopping on board, Ubuntu will initially be gearing its service towards the ‘high-ended’ user.

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