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A couple of days ago we brought you the news that the next version of the Android operating system, Jelly Bean, could be releasing during the fall of this year. This has led to speculation on what cell manufacturer will be chosen by Google to make the next Nexus handset, so we thought we would ask our readers to have their say on who will produce the next Nexus.

In the last couple of days it has emerged that both HTC and LG are very interested in providing the next Google Nexus smartphone. Obviously Samsung would also be hoping to be picked again after providing the Galaxy Nexus recently and the Nexus S.

HTC have also worked with Google before developing the Nexus One and before that the company released the first Android device the T-Mobile G1. Some may think that this time round Motorola will be given the option of providing the first handset to feature Android 5.0 considering Google has taken over the company. But Google may be wary of being accused of favoritism so soon after making their acquisition.

For any cell phone manufacturer getting the chance to provide the Nexus handset is a win win situation, as it gives them an early look at the software. This in turn makes it easier to update the company’s other Android lineup with the new operating system. At the ongoing Mobile World Congress we are being treated to a number of great looking handsets due for release this year.

Many devices are now gearing up to use quad-core processors, so to have such a powerful device running Android 5.0 is something to look forward to. LG have yet to provide a Nexus handset, and the company is looking more of a big player in the Android sector following some of the company’s latest devices being teased for release.

Who would you like to see provide the next Google Nexus handset for Android 5.0?


6 thoughts on “Your say on who will produce next Nexus”

  1. Shawn Kelly says:

    HTC or Motorola deserve it in my opinion Sammy makes great phones but I personally do not prefer the plastic feel. HTC and Moto make fantastic hardware, and Moto has never had the Nexus if I recall correctly. 

    I just hope you ever has the best design wins politics aside(as if thats possible). 

  2. Samsung is a little plasticky but I still like their phone. I’m sure HTC or Motorola would give us a nice weighty phone with a stainless steel sheen. Curious to see what might come of that if one of them gets to build it.

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