To sell iPad 2 depends on iPad 3 price?

With Apple’s iPad 3 literally days away from being released, for some the need to upgrade to the latest device will mean that they will head to the queue at Apple stores up and down the country. Intrigued by the rumours surrounding the third generation tablet and its features, the allure is enough for some to dump their iPad 2’s as quickly as they picked them up.

We reported just the other day, Internet auction site Ebay commented on the massive increase in traded-in iPad 2’s in preparation for the 3 launch. Mix this with the introduction of the Apple brand into London’s top retail outlet Harrods and the excitement could reach fever pitch.

But let’s just take a step back and assess the situation, is there anything wrong with the current Apple slate? Sure the new model will take the iPad name to another level, but how much different can it be? Here at Phones Review we felt that we should ask the question, “is it worth an upgrade?”

As we said the specs for the iPad 3 have been sketchy, talk of an A6 or A5X processor and Retina Display have been tossed around, along with mentioned camera upgrades and improved battery life. There have even been reports of a name change from iPad 3 to iPad HD, of which our very own Debbie cast a vote. Qualcomm Gobi chips and reports of display stock shortages have also followed the iPad 3’s entrance. But when the covers finally come off will the waiters be impressed or disappointed?

After the original Apple tablet suffered supply shortages, there were some buyers that only managed to have their iPad for a handful of months before the Cali Company saw fit to update it to 2nd generation spec. But did these users feel the need to upgrade there and then or will these be the buyers at the front of the queues come the iPad 3 revolution?

We want to hear your thoughts, is Apple bargaining on the fact that their followers will change to the latest version, or will the majority stick with what they have until the dust has settled? What will be the deciding factor for you personally, will the sale of your iPad 2 will determined by specs or the iPad 3’s overall pricing? If the cost is too high can you justify the change?


2 thoughts on “To sell iPad 2 depends on iPad 3 price?”

  1. Spiroshellas1974 says:

    Apple is trying to get to schools, this is why they first started with ibooks, now they release ipad3, the price will go down, they look to get all students and sale  more apps
    spiros K

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