After Words with Friends comes Draw Something Android Apps

If you are into doodling and own an Android device there is a game available on the Android Market that is similar to the popular game Word with Friends, but this time around allows the user to draw a picture with friends and that little mobile game is called Draw Something for Android.

Draw Something for Android devices is a turn based, kind of doodle guessing game that is played with friends no matter where they are and you can join in a game with a random player or add a friend or even opt to play multiple games simultaneously.

Basically with Draw Something each player takes it in turn to draw something and then your opponent, random or fiend has to guess what you have drawn once they are free to do so. The Draw Something app will playback a recording of whatever you have drawn allowing your opponents to figure out what the word the illustration delivers.

The Draw Something app for Android features over six hundred words you can draw and includes five bombs, and is apparently the number one word game in the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Singapore and Malaysia.

For those Android gamers that might be interested in Draw Something we have a quick demo video of the game for your viewing pleasure below so head on down and hit that play button to check it out, and then you can head off to the Android Market where you can download Draw Something to your chosen Android device for free, or you can opt for the paid version at a cost of £0.62, which is roughly $0.99.


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