HTC Titan WP7.5 Tango phone for China

HTC pulled out all the stops on opening its first Chinese flagship store yesterday, by introducing China’s first official Windows Phone. This news will certainly kick the likes of Nokia, Lenovo and ZTE into touch, placing them on the back foot and playing catch up. The handset in question will be recognisable to most as the HTC Titan, although garnished with a different title.

As Engadget reported, the HTC shown off at the Beijing store opening carries the title of Triumph. According to HTC the 4.7-inch device runs WP7.5 Tango power and drops its Facebook and Twitter integration, this is to allow Sina Weibo, Tencent Weixin and SkyDrive for the Chinese market.

Previously at MWC, there had been stirrings from the HTC management claiming the rights to the first Windows Phone to hit China, although no release date was mentioned. Pricewise the ‘Triumph’ will roll out at Â¥4,399 which is around $700 without contract, aiming it at the high-end market. At the store opening pre-orders were being taken.

So with HTC starting the ball rolling, who will be the next manufacturer to secure their Windows Phone in the Chinese market?

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