Samsung Galaxy S2 Android ICS 4.0 update March 15

One of the biggest criticisms of the Android platform is its fragmentation and how long it can sometimes take to get new software out to hardware. Many handsets are only just getting Android Gingerbread, while talk of another version has begun with Jelly Bean. Today though we may have some good news for owners of the popular Samsung Galaxy S2, as the Android ICS 4.0 update could be available on March 15th.

Previously there were rumors the update could come on March 1st, but obviously this has come and gone with no sign of it. But it does seem March will be the month the update arrives as GSM Arena are reporting that Samsung has taken to its Facebook page in Israel to update users about the new operating system.

The company posted a statement on the social networking site to reveal that Android ICS will arrive on the 15th, and stated it included thousands of units purchased from Samsung direct and from the cell phone companies in the country. They also mentioned that users had been waiting patiently for the new software to arrive.

Obviously there is no information about other regions, but you would have thought that Europe would also get the update around the same time. The US is another matter though as there are a number of different versions of the Galaxy S II on the various carriers.

There have been a number of versions of the operating system made available recently by unofficial sources. But for users that are not overly confident in installing software this way the release of the official version would have been high on their wish lists.

Hopefully we will soon get news about the update reaching other regions around the world to keep the millions of Galaxy S II owners informed. Have you downloaded an unofficial version of ICS on your Galaxy S II?


6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S2 Android ICS 4.0 update March 15”

  1. Eric Law says:

    This is one of the reason why I don’t like Android, compare to iOS! You are always on the line waiting for the upgrade to come! 

  2. Mrajsortof says:

    I went in store and asked at my carrier (vodafone UK) and I was told the update will be this thursday (8th). Whether or not that is when samsung hand it over to vodafone or vodafone release it I do not know.

  3. Stuart young says:

    I have tried a couple of ics roms (one unofficial and one which was supposed to be from Samsung themselves) I found the first to be very buggy, lots of things didn’t work. The other “official” one kept making my S2 freeze or go blank. Now waiting for an update via Kies or the OTA version to see of they are better.

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