Commencing Google Assistant vs Apple Siri

It seems that ever since Apple delivers the Siri voice assistant on the iPhone 4S other platforms have been rushing to deliver their very own take on Siri, there are already a couple of Android apps available that are a take on Siri whilst HTC is reportedly delivering a voice assistant with HTC Speak and Windows Phone has Ask Ziggy.

We all know that the Google guys have been working on a voice assistant for Android, which was known as Majel, which was said to be named after the wife of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry.

Well now according to the guys over at Tech Crunch, the Google guys have now come up with a challenger to Siri that they are calling “Assistant,” rather than Majel, whether Google has officially dumped the Majel name is unclear, but apparently the Siri challenger will be called “Assistant.”

The Android Team are at the helm of “Assistant” and includes involvement from search engineer Amit Singhal apparently has three parts…the first is to get the world’s knowledge into a format computers can understand, then create a personalised layer and lasting construct a mobile voice centred “Do Engine” (Assistant) that is more about accomplishing real life goals than returning search results.

According to one of the guy’s sources, unnamed of course, the higher ups of Google are apparently looking to unveil “Assistant” for Android by Q4 of 2012 although apparently they themselves are somewhat uncertain.

So there it is, it appears that Android could gain a Siri challenger in Assistant sometime this year, although nothing is set in concrete, so we’ll keep you updated on Assistant as and when we hear more.

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