Escape Dooors iPhone game with walkthrough

If you are one of the iOS faithful out there that loves a bit of a challenge, and likes to think of themselves as a bit of an escape artist there is an iOS game available called Dooors, which is basically a room escape game whereby the gamer has to solve mysteries in order to open the door and escape a room.

The Dooors app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad features a total of thirty-five stages, along with mini escape games to fill your free time, with all stages selectable and with an auto-save function.

In the Dooors app for iOS devices, the object is to work out how to open the door in order to escape the room, and move into the next room where you will again have to solve the puzzle of opening the door to get out, with each room having a different mystery to opening that door.

In some rooms you might be required to shake or tilt your iOS device to get a door to open, in other rooms you might need to flick a light switch several times, or insert things into holes and so on.

However for those that enjoy playing Dooors, but are experiencing problems getting out of a particular room and need a little help, the guys over at App Unwrapper have come up with a written walkthrough of Dooors so you can make your way right through to the 25th level, however after that 25th door you are on your own for the remaining 10.

But if you don’t really fancy reading how to get through Dooors, we have a video below that shows how to escape all rooms right through to that 35th door, courtesy of YouTube user Karonidexya, so head on down and mash that play button.

For those that would like to have a go at Dooors you can download the app to your iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple iPad as a free download by hitting up iTunes.


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    1. Johnnydee05 says:

      Tap on the floor on the left side you find a item. Use it to look at the
      Right tigers right hip match the colors of the fruit and use the orange ball

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