Longer Android app download time: 50MB to 4GB

In the past there has been a limit on app MB on Android of 50MB, which is fine for the majority of applications due to the smaller size often being better, but occasionally certain apps need extra local resources such as 3D interactive games and as such Android app size has now been expanded although obviously this will mean longer download times.

So the guys over at Android developers have now announced they have expanded the Android app size limit from 50MB up to 4GB. However APK file size will remain at a 50MB limit as to ensure on device storage, but expansion files can now be attached to the APK.

Apparently as of now each Android app can have 2 expansion files of 2GB each in whatever format the developer wants, and the Android Market will host those files to save the developer the cost and hassle of file serving.

Android users will be able too see the total size of an app along with all of the download before purchasing and installing whilst with most newer devices the expansion files will auto-download and a refund period will not begin until all expansion files are downloaded.

With older devices an application will download the expansion files the initial time the app runs through a downloader library, for more info on the larger app files head on over to the Android Developers Blog.

So there you have it as of now we could start seeing larger apps up to 4GB, which will obviously mean longer download times when downloading and installing which could be a bit of a pain for some, but if you want such apps like 3D interactive games and the like I’m sure you’ll be willing to put up with that longer download time.

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