New iPad gaming shows off hardware capabilities

At last we’ve heard all the official news about the new iPad, which coincidentally turns out not to be the iPad 3 or iPad HD but simply the ‘new iPad.’ The new iPad is a pretty big step up from the iPad 2 and we think many will be impressed. So will new iPad gaming show off its hardware capabilities?

It certainly looks like it if some of the first game demonstrations are anything to go by. The new iPad has an improved ‘Retina Display’ with vastly improved resolution, an upgraded processor and new quad-core graphics so gaming experience on the latest iPad tablet should certainly be enhanced. Some third-party gaming apps were shown off at the new iPad unveiling to show just what the new iPad offers for gamers.

One of the games was SkyGamblers from Namco, which will be exclusive to iOS. This is a hugely detailed Ace Combat-Styled jet simulator with the extra pixels really showing off the models and background, according to Engadget. As well as this a Sketchbook app from Autodesk was displayed, not only featuring a new engine for the ink but also showing the higher level of detail capable. Images of more than 100-megapixels can be exported using this app, which will be released sometime in April. Epic Games, makers of Infinity Blade also took the opportunity to reveal Dungeons with battling gladiators. With a recast battle system and HDR lighting, this should really make the most of the new iPad’s capabilities. You can see a trailer of the new Infinity Blade saga below this story.

It will be interesting to get more of a full look at games showing off the new iPad’s improved hardware and that’s certainly something we’ll be looking out for over the next few weeks. Meanwhile we’d like to know what you think of the new iPad announced today? Do you think gaming on the new iPad will be everything you hoped for? Send your comments to let us know.

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