New iPad queuing kicks off in London

Well it has begun, even though the latest iOS slate from Apple doesn’t hit stores until Friday the 16th of March, there are those devoted to being the first to own the new iPad already pitching up camp outside an Apple flagship store eagerly waiting to hold the new iPad in their hands.

According to the guys over at Slash Gear, new iPad wannabee owners, Ali and Zohaib were the first to get in line for the release of the new iPad outside the Apple flagship store in Regent Street, London, UK.

Obviously early queuing for the latest Apple gadget is nothing new, and Ali and Zohaib came prepared for their long wait, with folding chairs and warm clothing to fend off the cold weather, but one does have to say, arriving a week in advance of the new iPad release does seem a bit extravagant to me.

Surely queuing so early means these two are either off work and possibly losing wages, and thus making their new iPad cost them more, or perhaps taken holiday so they can be first in line, which to me would seem a bit of a waste, or they are off school/college/university.

But then I guess there will always be those devout iOS faithful that will do just about anything to be able to own the latest piece of tech from Apple before others. Do you feel the new iPad is so exceptional it warrants people lining up a week early to get hold of the device?


4 thoughts on “New iPad queuing kicks off in London”

  1. Ashe11hk says:

    You can’t judge people are foolish cause everyone knows what he is doing.

    But why not other brands/devices have such a hype and queuing? Why only Apple? Can anyone answer me please?

    1. Lü says:

      Well, for this people, Apple is their god and they want to make what the Code of Appleneir says:

      “Thou shall possest ye i” (iPod, iPhone, iPad, iShit, iWoop, iPay)In modern times, it means, “Everything I make, you must posses”
      But in serious thought, many brands would love to have this loyal sheepherd for themselves.

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