iOS 5.1 jailbreak getting Pod2g best workout

It has been best part of a week now since Apple made available the latest version of their mobile operating system. As with any new software release there are often some small issues that can affect users, and for the time being we are hearing conflicting reports about the software improving battery life. We have told you previously users that like to jailbreak their devices are being advised not to upgrade to the iOS 5.1 operating system, but today we have the news that Pod2g is currently giving the software its best workout.

Users may have missed the early warnings about upgrading to iOS 5.1, and will now be stuck with a device that can’t be returned to older versions of the operating system, but according to iDownload Blog hackers are busy at work trying to jailbreak the new software.

The iOS 5.1 update that was released last week blocked the exploits that are used in the Absinthe and Corona jailbreak tools.

All is not lost though as Pod2g who was largely responsible for those jailbreaks has taken to Twitter and revealed he is “actively” working on a solution to break the new software. Finding vulnerabilities is the first step in the long process for providing an iOS jailbreak.

Unfortunately there is no information at present how long we will have to wait before an iOS 5.1 jailbreak will be available, but at least we know that the work is already underway. In the meantime owners that haven’t updated their devices yet will have to sit tight and continue to use the version they are still running.

Have you updated your device to iOS 5.1 yet?


12 thoughts on “iOS 5.1 jailbreak getting Pod2g best workout”

  1. Youtookoffmypants says:

    I am quite a greenhorn when it comes to stuff like that, and yes, i’ve missed the earlier warnings and now im stuck with 5.1, will my jailbreak gone. Hopefully pod2g comes up with a solution really soon. Any idea or rough estimate on how long it will take? How long do these developers take to jailbreak an ios normally?

    1. Fjhdfjfj says:

      Never update to new firmware that just come out. Now a days there are no jailbreaks cos there are harder then they used to be. I’m sticking to 5.0.1 I will never update unless a jailbreak is released. But if u are stuck on 5.1 and u have a older device iPhone 4 and down redsn0w will jailbreak but u will need to connect to iTunes after every reboot

        1. Airforcespec360 says:

          You can jailbreak a 4s on 5.0.1 just don’t update to 5.1 because it will take pod2g at least 2 weeks if not longer to jailbreak this version.

          1. Youtookoffmypants says:

            I feel so paralysed without jb now. Stuck with a damn 5.1 on an a5. Its not so bad if its only gonna take 2 weeks, i can still afford to wait. Hopefully it doesn’t take a few months. I can die waiting.

          2. Meow says:

            Two weeks is very optimistic, especially considering it is just a one man endeavor…the new iPad came out just a few months after the iPad 2 jailbreak first released, and that was with the whole “Dreamteam” at work.

  2. aaaaaaaaa says:

    EH – I updated from 4.1 to 5.1 two weeks ago and re – jailbreaked it with Redsnow – works perfect – Have a look at Youtube on how to do it – I dont know what this article is on about

      1. Fdjbbjhdgj says:

        u can jailbreak 5.1 on non A5 chip devices. But every time you reboot your device you will need to connect to iTunes. iPad 2 the new iPad and the iPhone 4s can’t be jailbroken yet on 5.1
        This article sounds like there talking about new devices

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