Gevey Ultra S SIM to unlock CDMA iPhone 4S

There’s some good news today for CDMA iPhone 4S owners who like to unlock their devices as the Gevey Ultra S unlock tool has just been released. This means that Sprint and Verizon iPhone 4S users can now benefit from a new hardware unlock that will mean they can use their iPhone’s on a GSM network as well.

Other unlocks such as Gevey SIM, TP SIM and R-SIM already became available last month but those didn’t allow Sprint and Verizon iPhone 4S owners to use their handsets on a GSM network. Following this, TP SIM developers then came up with a Verizon iPhone 4S unlock a couple of weeks ago and now Gevey has joined the action with its unlock, not only for Verizon’s iPhone 4S but also Sprint’s as well. It can also be used on GSM variants.

We can’t recommend that reader’s use unlock tools but we know that many of you do and enjoy the freedom of being able to use your iPhone’s on other carrier networks. The Gevey Ultra S for CDMA unlock solution supports 1.0.11, 1.0.13 and 1.0.14 basebands on Verizon and Sprint iPhone 4S’s. How to Arena advises that those with the GSM iPhone 4S do not need to jailbreak their device before using the unlock but simply insert the SIM. However those with a CDMA iPhone 4S need to jailbreak the device first as this SIM uses furiosmod to unlock devices.

The Gevey Ultra S CDMA/GSM unlock for iPhone 4S can be ordered on the ApplenBerry website here and the price is $60 plus shipping. There is important product information available at this link too. Those who wish to purchase the unlock SIM can pre-order now with shipping taking place between March 22 and March 27. One very important note though is that this SIM will NOT work on an iPhone 4S that has already been updated to iOS 5.1 as Apple changed the baseband but many of you keen on jailbreaking and unlocking your devices will have steered clear of the latest iOS update.

Are you pleased to hear about this latest unlock tool and will you be using it on your iPhone 4S? What for you is the main advantage of having an unlocked iPhone?


32 thoughts on “Gevey Ultra S SIM to unlock CDMA iPhone 4S”

  1. kit says:

    I purchased the Gevey Ultra S and it works!!  The only problem that I’m running into is that it does not read the sim at times.  It shows “invalid sim” so I’m having to reboot my iphone every time.  This occurs about 3x a day.  This also occurs during a phone call.  Trying to figure out a solution to this.

      1. Lilhustla_91 says:

        i have the 32gb black sprint too and what i have been reading is that ur gonna have to jailbreak ur phone on 5.0.1 not 5.1 but try calling sprint cuz supposedly our phones are suppose to be already factory unlock  

        1. Sunshine says:

          I heard from other sites that you should have a good standing with sprint to get unlocked. Actually this SPRINT has been given to me by my brother from USA, i leave in India. I trield ULTRA -S but could not unlock it. Is there any other way to unlock SPRINT Iphone 4s.

          1. i have the same issue
            i tried the ultra s in India 
            i have a 4s from verizon
            ultra s is not working please let me know if there is a way out
            also if u get a solution @sunshine pls let me know

          2. zaidy86 says:

             what I heard is that the ultra s for gsm/wcdma/cdma works for both verizon & sprint BUT you must jailbreak it and make sure SAMprefs is not installed.

            Am in uk with a verizon cdma iphone 4s but dont know where to buy the “Genuine Gevey ultra s for gsm/cdma/wcmda. Plss help anyone???

            Spoke to friends in canada, usa, africa and it works fine so make sure it has gsm/wcdma/cdma on the pack as well

    1. Doctor Harris says:

      You don’t have to reboot when it stop reading your sim card !

      1. Go to settings
      2. Go to phone settings
      3. Click on sim applications
      4. Click on unlock

      Wait for 30 seconds and you are done !

      1. Jeffreybouck says:

        Unfortunatly I am too having this service problem and Doctor Harris your solution is a little hard to follow. There is no such thing as sim applications under the phone settings option on the iphone 4s.

  2. Swain_8 says:

    i live in uk an brought iphone 4s locked on sprint at&t from ebay, i  not long brought the gevey sim an it was a sucsess , i unlocked it to vodafone uk but i can only call out an resieve calls an recieve sms but i cant send sms, an i cant roam he internet unless my iphone is connected to wifi , can some one help me out please ??  thanks craig

    1. sunshine says:

      I do not understand is it SPRINT iphone 4s or AT&T iphone 4s?? if it is SPRINT iphone 4s can you share the procedure you followed to unlock the iphone 4s…thanks in advance.

  3. Regal_98 says:

    Guys make sure your using the Gevey Ultra S multi network.If you have sam perfs installed it wont unlock. So a fresh jailbroken device would do the trick. My only problems is how after an hour or so i get an invalid sim and have to reboot. For me the gevey is working great but it is not stable.

  4. Louis Wiederkehr says:

    hey, im looking to buy in iphone 4s from the states or UK and i live in asutralia if i buy Gevey sim ultra s and the phone from overseas will this un,ock it to any network here in australia

    1. Shesang2 says:

      SMS Fix for iPhone 4SThis example is for AT&T iPhone 4S and Unlock TMobile USA.  If you are using a carrier other than TMobile USA, you will need to call your carrier and ask for the “Service Center Number”Note: If you bought the iPhone 4S from Verizon you will need a Verizon Sim Card.  If you have an iPhone 4S from AT&T you will need an AT&T Sim Card etc.. Keep in mind the sim card DOES NOT NEED TO BE ACTIVE!!!Q. How can I tell if my iPhone 4S is a GSM or CDMA model?A. From the home screen: Go to Settings–> General–>AboutIf the IMEI is “01xxx” = GSM
      If the GSM model is “MCxxx” or “MDxxx”= AT&T
      If the IMEI is “99xxx” = CDMA
      If the CDMA model is “MD2xxx” = VerizonIf the CDMA model is “MD3xxx” = Sprint1.  Insert your AT&T Sim Card (NO GEVEY) into your iPhone 4S and reboot your iPhone 4S.2.  Once your phone has rebooted, click on the “Phone” icon as if you’re making a call.  3.  Type:  **5005*7672*+12063130004# then press the Call Button.  To enter the “+” between the asterisks and 1, hold down the “0” button until the “+” symbol appears.           4. Reboot your iPhone 4S and remove the AT&T sim Card5. Insert the TMobile sim card and Gevey Ultra S. Once unlocked, you can send text again.  (Note: SMSCNUMBER would be your mobile service provider’s Service Center Address. You can Google for it or call your carrier’s customer support hotline).For example, for USA T-Mobile, the message center number is +12063130004, so the command would be:**5005*7672*+12063130004#Once you’ve done all the above mentioned, you will see the following message:“Setting SucceededService Center AddressNo Address”To confirm whether the number is correct or incorrect, type the following number again and press Call:“*#5005*7672#”That’s it; you have learned to tackle a problem that most of iPhone users will have trouble dealing with. Share with your friends and family and help them out as well.What’s strange about Apple is that they haven’t incorporated a direct editing feature under Settings. While most of other mobile phones, have such option right in the settings like Nokia, Samsung and LG etc. While looking at Apple past history it’s not too hard to believe that such options isn’t there as they don’t want their users to change any settings.

  5. Sairaj says:

    i had iphone 4 ios 4.3.3 and base band 04.10.1. i am using Gevey sim from past 8 months and no problem it worked me fine.but now i change to postpaid so i got new sim from the carrier.i removed the old sim which is worked fine with Gevey sim now i inserted new postpaid Sim.but now my Gevey sim not working it showing “no sim installed” .i restarted many times but still the same. it not showing cancel or accept window.when i insert or turn on iphone i am getting  “no sim installed”.can any one help me  why my Gevey sim not working.before it worked fine and not working now any suggestions ..
    Thanks in advance 

    1. Giorgosg1995 says:

      i had iphone 4s base band 1.0.14 ios 5.0.1 and it is lock by AT&T and i am using gevey i-4s… now my Gevey sim not working it showing “activation required” .i restarted many times but still the same. i had sim AT&T and activade my iphone…can any one help me why my Gevey sim not working.before it worked fine and not working now any suggestions ..thanks!! i hope never buy lock iphone … 

      1. when it is asked for activation, u need to take out gevey sim and ur sim card out, and replace ur sim card with RESET SIM that come with gevey sim.
        then message will pop up and tap accept, now put back ur regular sim in. That’s it. 

  6. URGENT MATTER ! says:

    hi i have an iphone 4s 5.1 last May (2012) i bought gevey sim, at the first two days it worked fine, btw i bought gevey sim without the “process” you know, without dialing emergency nos. sort of thing, back to the problem i am having, after two days i cant receive sms and phone calls, but I can send text messages and i can call, the only problem is i cant accept anything incoming, when i tried to call my number it says my no. is out of coverage area w/c means no signal but let me repeat I CAN SEND AN OUT GOING CALL OR TEXT. i tried to turn it off and wait, but still i get the same problem when i remove the sim and turn it on again, it worked fine…. or just as i thought, the same problem occurred after two days! it is  a total hassle coz if im out i didnt know that my phone cannot receive sms, coz i have my signal, please help i don’t know what to do! 

  7. Nicholas Nearchou says:

    Hi, I have an iPhone 4s 5.1.1 jail broken originally on Vodafone UK. I purchased a gevey sim ultra s so I was able to have the T-mobile UK carrier. Now I can call, receive calls and also receive texts but cannot send any texts. When I reboot the phone, the second I receive service I am able to send a maximum to two messages but they need to be sent within seconds, after that, nothing goes through. Any idea? Thanks.

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