Microsoft hoping for Windows 8 October release

There has been a lot of rumour surrounding Microsoft’s newest expected release, Windows 8, an operating system that will be for computers and tablets, although there has been much speculation as to just when Microsoft will complete Windows 8 and just when the public arena will see the new OS surface, up until now there has been no word on that matter.

However, according to the guys over at Bloomberg, people with knowledge of the schedule have said that Microsoft will complete work on Windows 8 sometime this summer, and the new operating system should become available around October.

Apparently the unnamed sources have also said that Microsoft has made good on their promise to support both standards and the initial Windows 8 roll out will include devices running ARM Holdings, and Intel Corp chips.

The timing of the release of Windows 8 would enable Microsoft to target the Christmas shoppers, although Microsoft hasn’t yet officially announced the timing for the release, aims to drag back lost sales to the Apple iPad and “reinvigorate the sluggish market.”

Apparently Gartner Inc analyst, Michael Gartenberg has said that if Microsoft miss a September/October time frame for Windows 8, Microsoft wont be able to ship anything in 2012, and the last thing Microsoft wants is to have no compelling Windows tablet available when it appears the new iPad will be a good seller during the holidays.

According to the sources, the company is to hold an event in early April for industry partners, where Microsoft will deliver their release strategy for the new operating system and deliver more details on marketing and timing.

So there you have it, it appears that anyone waiting to use Windows 8 on their PC or tablet will have to wait until September/October, of course as and when we hear a more firm release date we will pass it along.

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