Windows Phone fairs better than Symbian in UK

Although still somewhat behind in the popularity stakes than iOS and Android, it appears that the popularity of Windows Phone is on he rise, especially after Microsoft partnered with Nokia, and the Nokia Lumia 800 is becoming quite popular across Europe.

And according to the guys over on Slash Gear, Kantar Worldpanel, a market research company reports that Windows Phone is now outselling Symbian device in the United Kingdom for the very first time, and says that 2.5 percent of UK consumers purchased a Windows Phone during the 3-month period ending the 19th of February, compared to 2.4 percent purchasing a Symbian device.

Furthermore, apparently the Nokia Lumia 800 accounted for a cool 87 percent of Windows Phone handset sales across Europe, with the smartphone performing best with 3.1 percent of the market in Germany.

When it comes to the iOS platform in the United Kingdom, iOS grabs 28.7 percent as opposed to 22.7 percent a year ago, but Android still commands in the UK garnering a massive 48.5 percent, which is up from 37.8 percent the previous year.

And when it comes to owning a smartphone, 51.3 percent of users in the UK now own a smartphone. Thus it seems that although Windows Phone is increasing in the UK the platform still has a long, long way to go to get anywhere near Android and even iOS.